Vilhelmsro primary school , BIG architects:

Vilhelmsro primary school , BIG architects:
'vilhelmsro primary school' by BIG architects in asminderoed, denmark
all images courtesy BIG architects

copenhagen-based BIG architects have unveiled their design of 'vilhelmsro primary school',
an academic facility which focuses their curriculum on nature and sustainability in
asminderoed, denmark. taking the undulating hillside of the site as a point of departure,
the design features a series of bands which pleat and crisscross to merge with the surrounding topography.

rendered view of courtyard space

the oscillating roofline is experienced from both the inside and the outside.
outdoor green terraces and courtyard spaces are generated in between buildings.
though all one-storey, the alternating peaks and ceiling heights allow natural daylight
to stream into every class room.� the sod makeup facilitates passive energy measures
such as mitigating heat island effect, acting as thermal mass and evaporative cooling qualities.
rain water runoff is reduced, collected and stored for non-potable usage.
cross-ventilation is also encouraged through operable windows and overlapping openings.

interior of classroom

pleating element translated on the interior

floor to ceiling glazing with operable components

no facade to neighborhood

landscape roof

view to landscape

site plan

floor plan

section through main corridor

facade (towards south)

isometric overview and programs

(left) roof terraces
(right) courtyards

sustainable properties of green roof
(clockwise from top left) mitigating heat island effect, thermal mass, evaporative cooling, water runoff reduction & storage

(left) day light access
(right) ventilation

sectional detail

project info:

program category: public space/culture/education
type: pre-qualified competition
size: 7000 m2, height 12 m
client: fredensborg municipality
collaborators: CG jensen, ISC, transolar, topotek1

partner in charge: bjarke ingels, david zahle
project leader: rasmus rodam, mikkel marcker stubgaard
team: zu li, eivor davidsen, alessandro ronfini, alina tamousiunaite,
krista meskanen, buster christensen, claudio sacucci, claudio moretti

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