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Yongjia Gymnasium, Swimming Pool Competition / Idea Image Institute of Architects ,   

Idea Image Institute of Architects has submitted their latest project, the Gymnasium for our readers review.

The plan progressed based on designated contest bidding system when 's local government invited us in 2010. is a small city located in southeastern part of , and is about 6 to 7-hour-drive from Shanghai. Its main income was leather products in the past, and is now quickly developing and expanding just like any other Chinese city.
's first impression was not an extensive city like Beijing or Shanghai, but was as familiar as Korean countryside mountains and villages. Very first photo we took of the site became an important cornerstone of the project.

Site Plan
The site was located on the perimeter of city and the country, so the gymnasium naturally incorporated 's beautiful surroundings in its design. The gymnasium, which is the main program, is able to seat 4,500 people and by using movable chairs, it can perform as a multi-purpose stadium. The swimming pool includes 10 50m-lanes for competition and 10 25m-lanes for practice with 660 seating space. Additionally, badminton court, basketball court and tennis court is included indoor and outdoor of the building for local residents. To prevent damage from local flood, gymnasium is designed with piloties, with parking space under it.

Architect :
Location : ,
Function :
Sports facilitiesTotal floor area : 18,821.4㎡Gymnasium : 9,782.3㎡Pool : 6,432.3㎡Badminton : 2,606.8㎡Stories : 4Fl.Heights : 33.9 mStructure : SRCFinish : Aluminium panel ETFE, BIPVGymnasium Seats : 5,307 seats

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