Need Help: 3D technologies for the historical reconstruction of historic cities and Early Modern Festivals.


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Subject: 3D technologies for the historical reconstruction of historic cities and Early Modern Festivals.
Please see below the message from Laura Fernandez Gonzalez (Architecture, The University of Edinburgh).

Dear all,

I would like to hear your opinion concerning a topic very close to one 
of the lines of my own research: the use of 3D technologies for the 
  historical reconstruction of urban environments. In this context, the 
first preoccupation (I presume) for most of us is the historical 
accuracy of these 'recreations'.
One of the most challenging issues I encountered when I developed the 
first version of the virtual model for Lisbon in 1581 was the 
  inadequacy of the software available in the market. These applications 
are generally design for a different kind of work, like modern 
architecture for example.
I am co-organising a session panel in the next 11th International 
Conference on Urban History in Prague entitled Virtual Historic 
  Cities: A Laboratory in Urban History (see call for sessions below or 
here session M10:
In have posted a similar question on the International Network for the 
Early Modern Festival Study as I am especially interested in learning 
  what requirements an 'ideal' software for the 're-creation' of early 
modern festivals would have in your opinion. I would love also to hear 
 what the scholars in this consortium think about this topic.
Please be imaginative and ambitious, for example: like a bank of 
different textures/materials- used in the period/region, music played 
  sorted by group of instruments (and samples of that kind of music), 
typology of inscriptions, architectural elements, historical 
topographies, a searchable database of information available in 
  different cities at a global level (like google maps), how to 
represent the audience? and so on.

I would really like with all of your suggestions, to draft a 
  'proposal' that encompassed the real needs for a recreation of such a 
complex event. Feel free to respond to the list or to me privately.

  I will commence with some requirements:
1. The software must have an option in which known and proved 
historical data is easily discernible to the 'presumed' incorporated 
  data. (As already required in London Charter, 2009).
2. In architectural terms, the software must be based on actual 
measurements also applicable in reality, (i.e., meters/feet).
  3. A extensive 'library' of 3D objects based on the visual 
representations of early modern festivals and used in the decorations 
and ephemeral display.
I am looking forward to your thoughts, thanks very much in advance

All best


Laura Fernandez-Gonzalez
Architecture, The University of Edinburgh
20, Chambers St. EH1-1JZ
  Edinburgh, UK.

Mob: 07726705047


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