Call of paper: 'Out of Time', 38th Annual AAH Conference & Bookfair 29 - 31 March 2012

38th Annual AAH Conference & Bookfair
The Open University, Milton Keynes
29 - 31 March 2012

'Out of Time'

Session Convenors:

Rosalind McKever, Kingston University

James Day
, Courtauld Institute of Art
The date an artwork was produced does not seal it off from the rest of time. Indeed historical readings might trace how an artwork intersects different times. Art history
presents past art through conservation, exhibition and writing. Artworks are connected diachronically, linking the artist to predecessors, contemporaries and successors.
Narratives of art chart traditions and innovations, historians source-hunt for influences and appropriations. Artists are identified as precursors and rebels; periods and movements are labelled as renaissances and avantgardes.

The changing interests of art history also affect practice contemporary to it, as research, excavations, restorations, discoveries and exhibitions alter the canon, art education and the sources of appropriation available; they also revise the lens through which we look at the past.
This session invites papers addressing art from any period, particularly those which do not belong to that period. In this panel we will interrogate the temporality of art history by focussing on the premature, the belated, and the anachronistic.

Topics for papers could include, but are not limited to:
- Precursors and avant-gardes, conservatives and rebels, Post- and Neo Appropriation, translating art of one time into art of another
- Excavations and discoveries, how unearthing disrupts the past and affects the present
- Writing art history: non-linear narratives and creative history
- Chronology in galleries and exhibitions
- Posthumous casts, copies and reproductions
- Art education's role in artists' relationships with the past 

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