Digital Terrain Model of the Republic of Serbia published on the geoportal

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Digital Terrain Model of the Republic of Serbia published on the geoportal

Republic Geodetic Authority had published Digital Terrain Model of the Republic of Serbia produced within CARDS program on the geoportal.

"Digital Orthophoto Production in the Republic of Serbia" Project, within the CARDS program through European Union donation, had covered, apart from digital orthophoto, production of Digital Terrain Model, which was used for the purpose of images ortho-rectification within the orthophoto production.Пројекат
The following types of DTM had been produced:
  • grid size 5 m, average height accuracy ± 40 cm for 166 urban areas (A= 3199 km²),
  • grid size 10 m, average height accuracy ± 80 cm for territories of cadastral municipalities with survey being performed in coordinate system other than national coordinate system (A= 6260 km²),
  • grid size 25 m, average height accuracy ±1.60 m for the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia, except: territory of Kosovo and Metohija, territory of DTM grid size 10 m production and territory of the City of Belgrade (A= 70600 km²).

DTM grid size 30 m is published on "GeoSrbija" geoportal, being produced based on digital terrain model data from previously noted grid dimensions. All DTM data are in UTM34N/ETRS89 coordinate system, with local orthometric heights.
Digital terrain model with noted grid size is available for further distribution for all interested users. Any additional information may be obtained from the Department for photogrammetry and remote sensing, phone: +381 11 2651 245.
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