Plot 7950 / Bernard Khoury Architects17Nov 2011Uploaded by Oscar Lopez, Lebanon

Plot 7950 / Bernard Khoury Architects

Architect: Bernard Khoury Architects
Location: , Lebanon
Project Year: 2010
Photography: Bernard Khoury Architects


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The recently completed Plot 7950 in Fabra, Lebanon, by Bernard Khoury Architects is an example of his desire to be a part of the change within his country and homeland of Lebanon. The Beirut native says of the rebuilding of him land, "When I came back home, I didn't have a role in rebuilding our country. But I refused to conform. I ventured into creating my own opportunities. I wanted my architecture to be a living organism that inspires people. Creating spaces that are alive, that continue to evolve, like the people of my country.' That's how Bernard Khoury, the Lebanese architect who has garnered international media attention, presents himself in the profile dedicated to him by the famous whisky brand Johnnie Walker in its prestigious 'Walk with Giants' initiative, described as 'a walk with some of the most inspirational men on earth."

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Plot 7950 is located in a 1000 square meters plot in Faqra, Mount Lebanon on a steep land that drops 13 meters from the highest edge on the southern peripheral road to the lowest northern edge where the site links to another access road. The geometry of the plot and the imposed setbacks reduce the allowable footprint of the project to an orthogonal plan where the main functions of the residence are located on three levels.

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A vehicular entrance with parking and service spaces are provided in the base of the project which is accessible from the lower access road. Above the base an intermediary level comprises two guest suites and a gym with a fully open frontage on the northern orientation and direct access to a sundeck terrace and lap pool.

© Bernard Khoury Architects
The first floor is essentially one fully glazed open plan that develops on 23 meters along the northern orientation with 5 meters of ceiling height. Maximum exposure to the preferred views are provided to the main reception hall and the dining area. A 2.5 meters by 1.5 meters balcony is accessible from the northern periphery of the reception space. The balcony also serves as an open air elevator platform that connects the reception floor to the terrace below.

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Two master suites are located in the upper level within a 3.5 meters high vault which develops on 23 meters of length. The vault partially opens above the two master beds giving the possibility to sleep in the open air when the weather permits it.

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A double glazed glass façade partially shaded by horizontal wood blades develops vertically on the northern façade from the intermediary sundeck level through the body of the building and around the circular section of the vault.

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Perceived from the southern entrance on the upper edge of the site, the frontal façade has a discreet profile featuring a cylindrical shape that extends from the ground and wraps around the building all the way to the base of its body 10 meters below on the opposite orientation.

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