Indoor Garden and Compost by Ferber and Dieckmann

Designers Charlotte Dieckmann and Nils Ferber have design "Parasite Farm", a full-cycle indoor garden that raises vegetables and composts their waste into fresh soil. This indoor garden and compost system is designed to fit into your existing furniture, with a series of grow beds with grow lights and a table-mounted compost bin.

To use the Parasite Farm, indoor gardeners can slide the grow beds into a shelf space, attach the grow light above it, lay down a bed of starter soil and sow their seeds of choice. As the herbs and vegetables grow, produce can be removed and used, even sliced up on the attached cutting board that acts as a seal for the compost bin. Waste drops into the compost where it is naturally processed into soil and liquid fertilizer over time. This system looks excellent for growing herbs and small produce– like peppers, beans and lettuces.


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