Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research

Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research / Henning Larsen Architects

The Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research (SDC), designed by Henning Larsen Architects  in Copenhagen, is devoted to Chinese-Danish collaboration.  Otherwise known as the Swan Building, the new SDC reflects a vision to develop Danish presence in  . The Swan Building is a distinct landmark with a unique Danish identity on the new GUCAS campus as it combines Denmark's national bird and self-perception and the Chinese perception of the swan as a symbol of ambition.

Courtesy of Henning Larsen Architects
The building design is based on a vital concept in the Danish educational system: Architectural framework is a crucial device for learning productivity and student health. The clear layout of SDC organizes numerous interfaces of the institution and facilitates interaction across academic disciplines. The central atrium presents an energetic atmosphere that activates supporting and stimulating research and learning activities.
Courtesy of Henning Larsen Architects
A strong focus on interactive common space encourages social community and the exchange of ideas. The academic program is dispersed throughout a 2500m2 footprint with a maximum height of 30m.  This compact cubic geometry comprises research and public functions organized around the central atrium.  Residential units with private terraces are located on the roof, maintaining convenient contact with the rest of SDC.
plan 01
The Swan Building is a sustainable development, designed with PhD research and consultancy. Henning Larsen Architects is prioritizing Integrated Energy Design (IED) in the design of SDC.  IED is a multidisciplinary process wherein the entire project team is involved early and continuously in order to identify and incorporate optimal solutions for reducing energy consumption and improving the indoor environment. SDC will transmit sustainable ideas and innovation through its own educational facility.  These innovations will be communicated by the energy conserving properties of the structure itself.  Here, architecture provides an active academic device.
plan 02
The building delivers optimal daylight conditions and a good indoor climate for its students, teachers, researchers and visitors. The architecture embodies a distinct landmark with roots in traditional Scandinavian design ideals. The building is iconic in its character, communicating the collaboration between SDC and the GUCAS Campus as an intellectually-innovative and socially responsible university. SDC merits involvement of client and community, student health, and facilitation of interactive dialogue.
Architects: Henning Larsen Architects 
Location: Yanqihu Campus, China
Project: Sino-Danish Centre For Education And Research (Sdc)
Client: The Danish Industry Foundation
Gross Floor Area: 8.000 M2
Assignment: Invited Competition, 2010
Henning Larsen Architects Project Team: Mette Kynne-Frandsen (Partner), Viggo Haremst And Michael Sørensen (Project Managers), Erik Holm-Hansson And Michael Jørgensen (Energy Consultants), Kasper Dige Larsen, Maria Hildebrand Frederiksen, Eric Tan, Blanca Dz. Ulzurrun, Sten Elsted Andersen, Jesper Høiberg, HLA Visuals.