Call of papers: House & Home from a Theoretical Perspective


House & Home from a Theoretical Perspective

Architecture has thousands of definitions and who can dare to claim that only one of them may represent the absolute truth about our constructed environment. But it seems that human life with all its instances and dimensions can be defined as the very core of architecture. At least, both daily life and other possible general definitions of living are to generate one of the most crucial grounds of architectural production. Whereas the relationship between concreteness of human life and space can be described on different levels and around different types of building, the concept of house is to form an ideal junction point to discuss the personal, cultural, ideological and aesthetical dimensions of architecture.

Especially, the house of the classical modern can be defined as a ground that crystallizes the necessities of an new age and the productive responses towards it. In the 21th century, too, the house, as a constructed object and home, as its personalized expression, will play a crucial role while thinking about the correlation of space and human being.

ARCHTHEO '12 Conference hits the road focusing mainly on "House & Home"  on the basis of theory of architecture. The international conference will take place between October 31 and November 3 in Istanbul, Turkey. Being hosted by MSGSÜ (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University) and with the organizational partnership of DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) ARCHTHEO '12 will bring together wide-ranging multidisciplinary approaches from scholars and architects to discuss architectural theory within the frame of "House&Home".




Historical Perspectives
- The history of home & house
- House design in the 21th century
- Interior design and home
- House in the 20th century
- Architectural movements and house
- Houses of the Architects
- The "Genius Loci" of House
- History of individual spaces and modernity

Social Perspectives
- Politics and House
- Representation of space in the fictional narration and fictional places
- House from the perspective of social sciences (sociology, anthropology etc.)
- Advertisement, fashion and home
- City Planning and daily life
- Social media and living in the digital space
- Physiological perspectives to the house
- House & Architectural Education
- Ideological and historical dimensions of architectural communication and representation of house (drawings, models, diagrams, digital design techniques etc.)

Theoretical Perspectives
- Definitions and role of "House" as a theoretical discussion
- Daily life and architecture
- Philosophical approaches about house/dwelling
- Definitions of house/home
- Theory of the house: Manifests
- Architectural criticism on housing & house



Deadline for submission of abstracts: June 29, 2012
Final date for registration: August 3 , 2012
Deadline for full papers submission:  August 10, 2012
Deadline for poster submission:  August  17, 2012
Deadline for virtual presentation submission: August 24, 2012

Participation Categories
Please log on to the online registration system D/Arche to upload your abstract.
In-person participation: Regular conference presentation, the participants attend personally. One of the authors will present their work in a 15-20 minutes time. If you have to cancel your place at the conference after registration, one of your colleagues can attend in your place. A substitution can then be made, and no extra charge or cancellation penalty is incurred.
Virtual presentation: virtual participation is also available if you are unable to attend the conference in-person. You will submit a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over (optional) or a video before the conference. This presentation will be shown in one of the venue halls according to the conference program. Your work will be included in the conference program and proceedings in a special format.
Poster presentation:  A poster presentation is also available if you are unable to attend the conference in-person. Your poster will be exhibited in the exhibition hall of the conference venue during the conference. Your work will be included in the conference proceedings.
Acceptance of a conference proposal for a virtual participant is based on the same criteria as that for an attending participant. Virtual and poster presentations will be included in the conference proceedings book in a special format.
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