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China Yard Sales Office / Zephyr Architects

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Architects: Zephyr Architects 
Location: Dalian,
Client: Genghai Co.
Project Area: 1,500 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Partner-in-Charge: Zhao Zhonggui
Project Architect: Yu Tong
Photographs: Shu He, Yao Li


Courtesy of Zephyr Architects
Composed of 2 buildings bisected by a narrow lane, this project is designed to accommodate a temporary sales office that will later convert into retail stores. The building form responds to the unique site, located in a sunken pit three meters below the level of the road intersection. It is designed as a main entrance square for the entire compound, featuring a grass field, serving as an outdoor stage for public events. The sales office will provide a backdrop for the stage. Large vertical windows are used to enhance roadside visibility of the building.

Courtesy of Zephyr Architects
The front elevation, facing the public, contrasts transparency and opacity through extrusions and recessions in the plan, resulting in dynamic layering of bay windows. Adhering to the building module, full-height windows appear in various widths. These openings stretch beyond the roof level, allowing for extended views out as well as blurring the boundary between sky light and window, bringing in extensive natural light.

elevation 01
The rear façade is more opaque with narrow windows designed to reduce the impact of the building over the private residential units. An internal lane bisects the plan, serving as the main gateway from the sunken plaza to the housing compound, and is highlighted by shallow water pools and elegant vertical lamps.

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