Competition : 2012 Daegu architectural culture biennale

 2012 Daegu architectural culture biennale
What is Daegu architectural culture biennale?
It's a place of architectural culture held every other year to search for an identity of Daegu and to communicate as well as exchange the architectural culture of Daegu together with citizens.

Period : October 10th-16th, 2012
Place : 9-1 Hyangchon-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Hosted by : Daegu Architectural Culture Association, Corporation
Overseen by : Korea Institute of Registered Architects, Daegu Institute of Registered Architects, Korean Institute of Architects Daegu Branch, Architectural Institute of Korea, Architectural Institute of Korea Daegu Gyeongbuk Branch, Daegu Interior Designers Association, Construction Association of Korea Daegu Branch, Korea Housing Builders Association Daegu Branch

This competition is an architectural design competition for the realization of the Gosan Library in Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City Library which is expected to start construction in 2013.
- Location : 571-1, Shinmae-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea
- Site Area : 2,080 ㎡

- Construction Size : Maximum 1 floor underground, 4 floors above-ground (Total floor area 3,100㎡)

- Building Cost : KRW 7,800,000,000

*Total floor area may be increased or decreased up to around 5% according to the designer.

- Prizes

1st Place (1 person or team) : USD $30,000 + plaque

2nd Place (1 person or team): USD $10,000 + plaque

3rd Place (1 person or team) : USD $5,000 + plaque

Honorable mentions (10 person or teams): plaque

* Prize money may be subjected to a tax in accordance with Korean tax laws.

* The winner can join the further design development of the library and the winning entry will not be used without the agreement of the author.

- Award Ceremony

Date: October 10, 2012
2012 Daegu Architecture Culture Biennale main events hall
9-1 Hyangchon-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

- Client

Daegu Metropolitan City Suseong-gu Office

2450 Dalgubeol-daero, Suseong-gu, Daegu
706-701, Republic of Korea

- Competition Organizer

Daegu Architectural Culture Confederation (DACC)

1-8 Beomeo-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
706-816, Republic of Korea

Phone: +82 53 755 8980

- All registered/unregistered architects and multidisciplinary teams led by an architect around the world.

- All students of architecture around the world.

- Although there is no limit to the number of team members in a team, duplicate registration is not allowed.

- If participating as a team, each team must appoint a representative.

- In order to ensure fairness in the competition, anyone who is a member of or is directly in association to the competition (e.g. hosts, judges, competition process committee, or advisory committee) cannot apply.

- May 2012 : Competition opens

- June 30 : Deadline for inquiry receipt

- July 15 : Answers to inquiries (homepage and e-mail)

- July 30 : Deadline for Registration

- Sept 10 : Deadline for submission of works (The postal seal date should be no later than September 10 AND the works should be arrived until September 15)

- Sept 24-28 : Jury

- Sept 29 : Announcement of results

- Oct 10 : Award ceremony

- Oct 10-16 : Exhibition

- Registration period

From May 31, 2012 to July30, 2012

- Registration procedure

1. After completing the participation registration form, send by e-mail to

2. Participation fee is sent through wire transfer.

3. Organizer sends registration confirmation e-mail.

- Registration fee

USD $80(KRW \90,000)

Bank charges will be paid by the participant.

- Bank Account Information

Account holder : Daegu Architectural Culture Confederation (DACC)
Bank name : Hana Bank Dongdaegu Branch
Bank address : 2-1 Beomeo-dong, Suseong-gu, Dague, South Korea
Bank Phone number : +82 53 743 11116
Account number : 515-910002-05332
International code (SWIFT CODE) : HNBNKRSE

- Type of submission

a. Form of submission list (attachment)

b. Participation application form: Insert into a non-transparent envelope, indicate PIN number, seal and submit. (Will be opened after final judgment is made.)

c. Exhibition panel: 3 panels of A1 size (see 1.13 for panel layout)

d. Miniature panel: 3 panels of A3 size (5 copies for jury)

e. Project description: about 2 pages (A4 size, 5 copies for jury)

f. Space program table (attachment)

g. CD or DVD : Should contain image files of panel, perspective drawing, sketch, diagram, Project description etc. (each panel and image file : jpg format, CMYK 300dpi)

* English is the official language of this competition.
* None of the submissions should be folded nor should there be any indication of the participant's personal information.
* Submission package tube/box should have a label "Daegu Gosan Public Library International Architectural ideas Competition" and "PIN nummber".

-The submitted panels should have the followings.

a. Site plan, scale 1:500 (Includeurban context and open space plan)

b. Floor plans, scale 1:200 (Show the relation of 1stfloor and exterior space, and necessary levels compared to the entrance level (±0.00m))

c. Sections and Elevations, 1:200

d. Façadewall sections (with partialelevations), scale 1:50 ( Express exterior materials,colors etc.)

e.Perspectives (exterior and interior)

-Submission location

Daegu Architectural Culture Confederation (DACC)

1-8, Beomeo-dong, 3rd Floor
Suseong-gu, Daegu 706-816
Republic of Korea

-Work submission deadline

By rule, works will be accepted until September 10, 2012. (The postal seal date should be no later than September 10 AND the works should be arrived until September 15)

  The purpose of the competition is to seek a wide range of ideas from experts from both Korea and overseas along with student groups in order to build a sustainable public library that can accommodate the recent changes in various knowledge transmission media as well as changes in library user demographics. This is in keeping with Daegu Metropolitan City's new policy direction, which the city is aiming toward, of becoming a knowledge based economy from its past as a distribution based city.

  We expect that it will develop the quality of the small-scale community for local residents who are based in the regional community of Daegu, and ultimately we hope that through this, prospective discussion on the nature of building local community public libraries in Korea will have the chance to grow.


                 Ph.D. in Technologies for the Exploitation
                 of the Cultural Heritage .
                 Senior Lecturer in the Dept. of ArchitectureE-mail:
                 College of Engineering , University of Mosul 
                 Mosul - Iraq .

Tel :           +964 (0)770 164 93 74