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  [CASABLANCA] Sustainable Market Square Competition | [AC-CA]
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[AC-CA] Architecture Competition invites all architects to enter the new open international competition to design a New Sustainable Market Square in Casablanca, Morocco.
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A Market square is a public open area where market stalls are traditionally set out for trading, commonly on particular days.
It is usually situated in the centre of the town, surrounded by buildings and streets.
Sustainable Architecture is a general term that describes environmentally conscious de- sign techniques in the field of architecture.
Casablanca is a young and dynamic city in Morocco with a population estimated at approximately 4 million habitants.It is the largest city in the Maghreb and the fourth largest in Africa. It is also an important business hub with 60% of the country's economic activities.
Being an important economic center, its architecture is a combination of different styles which gives it a unique architectural beauty.
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The aim of this International Competition is to design a New Sustainable Market Square in Casablanca. The architecture of this new Structure should reflect contemporary design tendencies. The proposal must not only attend to the specific function but the design should also take into consideration the urban insertion and its impact.
This Competition hopes to achieve the following:
_Research, respond to and highlight the unique aspects of designing an original market.
_Create a new comtemporary social space where locals can meet and shop.
_Generate the discussion and ideas about the functionality of community and street commerce.
_Meet the requirements of Green Architecture.
_Experiment with innovative materials.
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This is a single stage Competition with the aim of identifing the most appropriate proposal, which best satisfies the general and specific objectives of the contest.
This is an open International Competition hosted by [AC-CA]™ to generate progressive contemporary design ideas. There are no plans for the Sustainable Market Square to be built. 
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