IWAVE2012 - International Workshop in Sound and Vibration Research

From: ASU-GARDS  To: emadhanee@yahoo.com
Subject: IWAVE2012 - International Workshop in Sound and Vibration Research

Dear Professors,
It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the International Workshop on Acoustics and Vibration in Egypt - IWAVE 2012 in parallel with the Ninth Swedish-Egyptian Workshop in Sound and Vibration Research which is held on 13-14 October 2012 and is organized by the Acoustical Society of Egypt. The workshop is intended to promote Sound and Vibration research and education in Egypt through encouraging cooperation among Egyptian scientists, and with scientists around the globe. The workshop is co-sponsored by the European Commission through the TEMPUS and FP7 programmes as well as the Science & Technology Development Fund (STDF) in Egypt. This year, there will be a special session for junior researchers (M.Sc. and Ph.D. students) conducting research in sound and vibration. As a continuous tradition, there will be awards for the best presentations of the young researchers.

IWAVE 2012 is sponsored by:
-          TEMPUS programme
-          Egyptian Science & Technology Development Fund (STDF)
-          Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsradet).
-          FP7, X-Noise Network of Excellence.

Prof. Ray Kirby from Brunel University in the United kingdom, and Prof. Anders Nilsson from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden will offer two keynote lectures titled
-          Sound radiation from ducts of finite length, and
-          Resilient Mountings for Reducing Noise.
In addition, there will be a number of speakers from Egypt, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, and Tunisia.
Key Dates:
-          September 25, submission of presentation titles/abstracts
-          October 13, IWAVE
-          October 14, IWAVE Juniors

For more information, please visit our website at www.asugards.net
For registration and abstract submission, please send an email to iwave@asugards.net
Tamer Elnady
Associate Professor, Group for Advanced Research in Dynamic Systems (ASU-GARDS)
ASU Sound & Vibration Lab.
Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University
1 Elsarayat St., Abbaseya, 11517 Cairo, Egypt
Tel/Fax: +202 26828114
Mob: +20 122 3101116


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