5th Facades Design and Delivery Summit January 28 - 30, 2013 - San Francisco, CA

5th Facades Design and Delivery Summit

January 28 - 30, 2013 - San Francisco, CA

Utilizing BIM in Projects for Smarter Facades, Developing Innovative Seismic Designs, and Improving Energy Performance with Cutting-Edge Technologies

IQPC is bringing together the best group of industry experts in the construction business for the new and exciting 5th Facades Design and Delivery Summit. As you all know, the Facade is one of the most crucial elements in the construction process as it sets the tone for the building. Industry professionals are hungry to uncover the best possible strategies in executing the project on time and budget. The San Francisco event will tackle specific issues surrounding the development and utilization of BIM, effectively increasing energy efficiency to reduce cost expenses, incorporating seismic designs using latest technologies, understanding constant updates on energy codes and much more! There will be case studies, presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops for you to engage yourselves in thought provoking discussion.

ALL NEW for 2013:

"Hitting it Hard - Keynote Owner's Panel Session" where property owners from different industries will come together to share their perspectives and expectations during the project delivery cycle. This is your chance to delve into detail on actual projects and gain a deeper understanding of how you can effectively deliver your projects to your clients.

What you will gain from the Facades Design and Delivery Summit:

  • Next Generation of BIM: Featuring case studies highlighting successful utilization of BIM throughout the project lifecycle
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Modeling: Increase energy efficiency in building envelops and lower energy costs by utilizing innovative building materials and latest technologies in the industry
  • Seismic Designs: Learn about the latest developments in seismic designs to ensure that your building is durable, complies with all safety standards and can withstand the geological disasters of the region.
  • Innovative Technology: Discover the latest technological advancements in building smart facades, with emphasis on BIM, curtain wall technologies, and high performing glass structures
  • Energy Codes and Building Standards: Meet and keep up to date with the latest energy efficiency standards set by the State of California
You can even take advantage of our resource library by downloading past presentations, podcasts, Q&A sessions, articles and much more... Visit Facades Design and Delivery Resource Center.

What people are saying:

"I enjoyed taking part and got lots of postitive feedback and made interesting contacts within the group of participants after our presentation. In general, I thought the variety of presentations and vendors was really interesting and informative - great work putting this summit together!"
Emilie Hagen, Associate, Atelier Ten
"The quality of the presenters, experts in their field, helped all of us become better informed about current design and construction trends while the format professionally managed by IQPC created an excellent environment for us to network with customers and specifiers. Many of us there have participated in gatherings for the facades industry over our many years in the business, but we all agreed that we've never experienced an event that has provided such a solid format, rich in the latest technical information along with sufficient time to interact with both presenters and attendees alike. Great job IQPC and we look forward to participating in future summits!
Doug Walker, VP Sales & Marketing, Sika Corp

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