Call for Papers : CONTEMP ART ‘13 Urban life and Contemporary Arts Istanbul, Turkey

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Call for Papers for CONTEMP ART '12 has been announced. You can submit your abstract until the 10th of Dec, 2012 at
Urban life and Contemporary Arts
The urban life which has began to kate its recent forms beginning from 19th century, is one of the most determinant phenomena on human psychology, culture and politics.
Forms of urban culture, new industrial develepments, crowd, traffic, street life, sociability, communication, rebellions and political oppression are all to be traced in the city life. Urban life as a scene, tool or subject of contemporary and modern art needs to be redisccussed in the new millenium along with its historical background.
CONTEMP ART '13 Conference will open its doors to styles and approaches produced by artists and scholars from different geographies, identities and tendencies of contemporary arts.
With a critical perspective, CONTEMP ART '13, hosted by MSFAU (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University) will be organized from 10th to 12th (10-11-12) of April, 2013, by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center).



City as a Scene
Forms of Urban Art
Galleries, Museums and Art Market
Citizens as Audience
Space and Place in Contemporary Arts
Artists' biographies in the City

City as an Atelier
Artist's Atelier
Cafes as a Meeting Point
Politics in the city: Rebellion & Oppression
Technology and Art
Art in the Digital Communiction Age

City as a Subject
City as a Source of Inspiration
City versus Nature
Psychology of Urban Living
Architecture and Art
Cities in the Trasformation and Urban Culture
Cities and Art throughout History

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