The 12th International Traffic & Transportation Engineering Conference - 2013, Iran

The 12th International Traffic & Transportation Engineering Conference - 2013
Obviously, traffic congestion and its consequences are the most important problems of urbanization in many developed or developing countries. Moreover, metropolitans spend huge amount of their time on daily trips. Hence, "The 12th International Conference on Traffic and Transportation Engineering" with enhance on "Human-oriented Transportation" will be an effective step to reduce private car domination on urban spaces and changing cities to suitable places for human life. The most important objectives of this conference are as below:
1- Using the capabilities of both Iranian and international Transportation experts.
2- Planning to exchange the viewpoints of transportation activists with university and research institutes and make interaction between them.
3- Preparing suitable situations for presenting new ideas and traffic knowledge management.
4- Providing the opportunity for researchers to present their innovations and opinions and directing them with the help of the experts' experiences.
5- Providing opportunities for updating and increasing transportation experts' knowledge.
Important Dates

Beginning Data of Articles' Submission: May 4, 2012
Deadline of Articles' Submission: December 22, 2012
Announcement of Articles' judgment Results: February 3, 2013
Conference Dates: February 19-20, 2013

Conference Topics

Public Transportation
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Transportation Planning
Traffic Safety and Risk
Transportation and Sustainable Development
Traffic Engineering
Transportation Economics
Transportation Systems Management
Traffic Education
Rules, Regulations and Organization's Interaction in Traffic Management
Intelligent Systems
Intelligent Traffic Management
Intelligent Information
Intelligent Vehicles
Intelligent Public Transportation Systems
Intelligent Security Systems
Commercial Vehicles Systems
Intelligent Systems of Transportation Fare Payment
Public Transportation
Public Transportation Networks Design
Analysis of Public Transportation Capacity
Introduction and Evaluation of Public Transportation Systems
Optimization of Public Transportation Fleet
Policy Making in Public Transportation (fare and other related activities)
Methods to Enhance Public Transportation Usage
Traffic Safety and Risk
Accident Cost Evaluation
Urban Accidents Modeling
Urban Safety Management
Structure of Accident Management
Safety Equipments
Modern methods of Enhancing Road Safety
Road Safety Audit
Risk Index and Management in Public Transportation Networks
Disaster Management
Transportation Planning
Transportation Demand Modeling
Activity Oriented Transportation Models
Transportation Planning and Land use
Parking Management
Transportation of Goods
Tele- working
Fuel and Tax Pricing
Evaluation of Urban Structure
Traffic Engineering
Vehicles and Pedestrians Traffic Simulation Models and Software
Modeling of Intersection Capacity
Modeling of Roadway, Bicycle and Pedestrians Capacity
Traffic Impact Study
Transportation and Sustainable Development
Pedestrian and Human Oriented Transportation
Bike Development
Fuel Consumption
Air and Noise Pollution
Transportation and Urban Environments
Vulnerable Users of Roads
Transportation System Management
Urban Roadway Networks Assessment
Evaluating Appropriate Methods and Policies for Increasing Transportation System Supply
Transportation Networks Design
Evaluation of Reducing Factors of Transportation System Supply
Transportation Economics
Transportation Projects Evaluation
Urban Road Pricing
Economic Models in Transportation Planning
Rules, Regulations and Organization's Interaction in Traffic Management
Organizing and Organizations' Interaction
Rules, Regulations and their Enforcement Methods in Transportation
Integrated Traffic Management
Traffic Education
Traffic Psychology
Traffic Sociology
Public Education

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