the WAN Sustainable Building of the Year Award 2012. Time Running Out for Sustainable Design?

Time Running Out for Sustainable Design?
Hello Everyone,

As you may know, we recently launched a new award as part of our ECOWAN programme - the WAN Sustainable Building of the Year Award 2012.

Sustainability has become such a key part of any building design that these days it almost goes without saying that a building should be 'sustainable' - it forms part of the criteria for all our awards and indeed comes 'as standard' in almost every client brief - but sustainable design is about more than just meeting energy consumption targets or achieving the highest LEED rating; a building may do all of this without being great architecture, functionally or aesthetically.

So how do we balance the needs of our planet with the needs of our economies, infrastructure and communities, and still create inspirational architecture?

The WAN Sustainable Building of the Year Award 2012 aims to showcase projects that incorporate sustainability into every facet of their design, creating solutions that not only tick the boxes of sustainability criteria, but also respond to their environment and the needs of their users, while still producing architecture that uplifts and inspires us.

We are looking for projects that push the boundaries of sustainable design and provide imaginative and innovative solutions to the challenge of creating truly environmentally-conscious buildings.

There are six categories: Education, Healthcare, Civic, Urban Design, Commercial & Residential.

Deadline for submissions is 31 December 2012.

You are invited to submit your entry online. For more information see HERE or contact James Forryan, either by email at, or on +44 (0)207 3320050.

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