Original content bercy chen studio: red bluff residence

Original content bercy chen studio: red bluff residence
bercy chen studio: red bluff residence

red bluff residence by bercy chen design studio is a 1400 square located in austin, texas.

the red bluff site has been transformed from a brown field zone housing industrial waste
leftover from its days as an oil and gas property to a place of seasonally responsive beauty.

the residence heals the neglected land by the subtle integration of green features. these include
hydroponic heating and cooling and a green roof with water collection capabilities.

the house's relationship to the landscape both in terms of approach as well as building
performance references the oldest housing typology in north america; the pit house.
the house will undergo a 7-foot excavation (like pit houses) gaining benefits from
the earth's mass to maintain thermal comfort throughout the year.

side view of red bluff residence

the design uses the pit house construction

how thermal heating works in the house

native flowers in spring

native flowers in summer

native flowers in fall

native flowers in water

                 Ph.D. in Technologies for the Exploitation
                 of the Cultural Heritage .
                 Senior Lecturer in the Dept. of Architecture
                 College of Engineering , University of Mosul 
                 Mosul - Iraq .

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