Call: Forum Plastics History 2014 "Plastics Heritage" (Berlin, 22-24 Oct 14)


The symposium on "Plastics Heritage" provides an interdisciplinary forum for all aspects of plastics history. The aim is to bring together people from different areas of plastics heritage in order to deliver and to obtain new insights in and from the different topics and intentionally to elucidate their significance also for possible modern developments.

The Forum "Plastics Heritage" provides an international, interdisciplinary platform for contributions to all aspects of plastics history (polymers, plastics, processing, applications,companies), to plastics heritage from design, art, architecture and technical objects, to plastics heritage conservation (artefacts, technical heritage, material characterisation), to conservation with plastics (adhesives, coatings etc.) and to inform about collecting plastics objects.

Programme Topics:

  • Plastics history
    (polymers, plastics, processing, applications, companies)
  • Plastics heritage
    (art, design, everyday's and technical objects, architecture)
  • Conservation of plastics heritage
    (artefacts, technical heritage, material characterisation)
  • Conservation with polymers
    (adhesives, coatings etc.)
  • Documentation, reproduction
    (archives, data bases, digital scanning, 3D-printing etc.)
  • Collecting plastics objects

Invited Lecturers:

  • Cecilia Cecchini, Professor for Design at "Sapienza" University of Rome, Scientific Curator of Plastics and Art Museum (PLART), Naples, I
  • Susan Lambert, Professor at Arts University, Bournemouth, Head of the Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP), Bournemouth, UK
  • Yvonne Shashoua, Senior Researcher, National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, DK

Panel Discussion


  • Werner Aisslinger (enquired), internationally renowned designer, focusing on product design, design concepts and brand architecture, with special emphasis on new materials and technologies, Berlin, D
  • Christian Bonten, Professor and Head of Institut für Kunststofftechnik (Institute of Polymer Engineering), Universität Stuttgart, D
  • Moritz Grund, designer, co-founder and member of "Sustainable Design e.V.", Berlin, D
  • Susanne Lengyel, Professor of Engineering Design and Prototyping at University of Applied Science Hamm-Lippstadt, Chairman of the Initiative Deutscher Designverbände e.V. iDD, Vicechairman of the Deutscher Designertag e.V., Lippstadt, D

Call for Papers

The symposium on "Plastics Heritage" provides an international, interdisciplinary forum for participants, coming from all aspects of plastics history.



Maximum 30 minutes , incl. 5 minutes discussion
Language: English

Lecture abstracts (cf. Abstract Submission)

They should include one page text+pictures as MS Word file, including title, authors, affiliation and e-mail addresses and five key terms. The presenting author is indicated in underlined characters. The abstracts must be sent to the contact address (cf. Abstract Submission) not later than 30 April 2014 (deadline).


Full articles of presentations will be published in e-plastory, the electronic Journal of Plastics History:
e-plastory is peer reviewed and fully citable: ISSN 2190-9598

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