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Time is an unusual thing to try and adapt into architecture. How does one begin to construct time? What does time look like as a physical entity? We live in time, we are constantly aware of it and are a part of it, but how can time begin to influence an architectural idea?
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The Taiwan Tower concept by raymond PAN/HMC Architects was influenced by urban connections and the passing of time in order to design an iconic new building for Taiwan. The building has a strong connection to its urban context, natural processes and sustainable systems, and a connection to the history and culture of Taichung. By focusing on these connections the tower engages several different conditions including the creation of a bridge to the Gateway Park, the enhancement of pedestrian and mass transit linkages, and the acknowledgement of the adjacent historic quarter.
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To connect the tower with the passing of time, the structure is viewed as a vertical museum, displaying the history of Taichung ascending 400 meters in height. The circular nature of the tower rotates to provide optimal views of historical landmarks as the visitor moves upward through time. The form of the building was also determined to respond and adapt to the location and climate.
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Courtesy of Raymond PAN/HMC Architects
The voids allow wind to pass through the structure and provide opportunities to harvest the wind energy through the use of integrated turbines. Combined with the modular, energy producing fins that shade the tower that can be moved, updated, or enhanced as green technology evolves, the tower has the ability to produce 185% of its own energy needs.
By Kristin Hoover
Courtesy of Raymond PAN/HMC Architects
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