Send your project Now !....Students Week 5

Students Week 5
24th-30th April 2014 will start publishing your architectural projects online (Graduation or non-graduation projects) – Starting 24th of April 2013.
Send your project no later than 24th of April in one zip/rar file to , the zip file should contain the following:
1- The whole board (Jpg Format - Longest dimension should not exceed 3000 pixels, with a minimum size of 2400 pixels)
2- Separate Drawings ( Plans, Sections, Perspectives, etc.) ( Jpg Format, Longest dimension should not exceed 1800 pixels, with a minimum size of 1200 pixels)
3- Project description ( Word Format – No PDFs please)
4- Project Credits ( Word Format -Project Name, Your name/team members name, School, adviser, etc.)
Please don't use to upload your files. We prefer email attachments or to share your Dropbox folder (If you don't have a dropbox, please create an account using this referrer link)
Semi-Finalists' and Finalists' recognition: Every student that shall reach the semi-final or final stage will receive a personalized certificate noting their participation and also their status. The certificate will be sent by email by 15th of Jun. Also, selected students' projects will be published in the first issue of Arch2o magazine.
Good Luck !

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