One With the Birds
One With the BirdsOne With the Birds was designed by Penda – a style collective primarily based in Vienna and Beijing – for the AIM Legend of the Tent competition in China, which challenged architects to produce reduced-influence tent-themed hotels providing a closer connection with the outside.
One With the BirdsPenda, whose other tasks consist of a Beijing gallery with swooping curved arches and a doughnut-shaped property, came up with a idea for a versatile bamboo structure that can be simply expanded horizontally and vertically.
One With the Birds"The framework could expand as tall as the trees," Chris Precht from Penda. "Connected to the verticality of the trees, we can experience a forest from the viewpoint of a kid climbing a tree, in between the treetops, with the birds – totally connected with nature in 3D and HD."
One With the BirdsPenda took inspiration from Native American tipis for the framework, which would be constructed with X-shaped bamboo joints that hold horizontal bamboo rods in spot. The horizontal rods support the flooring, and the joints could be multiplied horizontally and vertically to increase the width and height of the framework.
One With the Birds"The span of every structural grid is 4.7 metres, so really narrow, and 8 sticks of structural beams are combined at each and every joint, so the method will be ready to hold a great deal of weight," Precht mentioned.
One With the Birds"The wonderful point about a flexible grid is that you can add structural beams when essential, so if there is going to be far more load on one particular element of the construction, a lot more bamboo can be extra."
One With the BirdsThe far more joints in the framework, the a lot more stable it also gets, in accordance to Precht. "It is like individuals carrying a load – difficult for one particular, but easier in a team."
One With the BirdsThe construction would be raised slightly off the ground, so adjustments in ranges could be very easily accommodated. Joints would be tied together with rope, rather than fixed with nails, keeping the bamboo intact so it could be disassembled and reused in other tasks.
One With the Birds"The emphasis was to generate a connection which leaves no impact on the site, nor any harm on the bamboo itself, so right after the short-term hotel is deconstructed, the components can be re-employed as scaffolding on a building website or reused as yet another temporary hotel on a diverse spot," mentioned Precht fromPENDA.

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