The Noble Quran Oasis
The Noble Quran Oasis


Islamic civilization invented geometry, the figure of the circle, the square and the square root of 2. The first Islamic city had a circular plan, with all spaces being enclosed in the circle representing the elemental symbol of unity and the ultimate source of diversity in creation. Such a background has led us to choose a circular concept as the main representational shape of the project for The Noble Qur'an Oasis.
The Noble Quran OasisLike in the ideal city, the project combines all spaces in a creative manner to meet the requirements of the functional program, including up-to-date technology adapted to the project's contents. The layout's geometry offers the visitors the possibility of choosing alternative itineraries and different scenarios within the flexible structure.
The Noble Quran OasisThe scheme includes the following functional areas: main entrance, The Chronological Route, the specialized exhibitions, educational section, conference and exhibition center, The Noble Qur'an Library, The Qur'an Research Center, administration, restaurants, visitor's facilities and open parks, shopping and services areas, car parking and a warehouse.
The Noble Quran OasisThe perception program to display and exhibition spaces dedicated to the understanding and dissemination of the Noble Qur'an, with emphasis on families and children. The building complex formed by these different spaces programmed with their areas, also demands a considerable amount of back-up building as well as public open spaces. The Brief demands maximum flexibility of internal spaces allowing for different items of the program to be changed.
The Noble Quran   OasisThe Noble Qur'an Oasis covers the site in a circular geometric pattern, with 4 smaller circles surrounding the bigger circle of 300 m diameter. The circles are shaped by walls of varying heights of sloped nature not unlike the geometric shape of volcanos. The central circle contains the principle oasis building divided into 4 asymmetrical segments by interior streets following a functional order.
The Noble Quran OasisThe Oasis building is covered by a circular thick concrete disc covered in earth plants with an extraordinary high level volcanic garden. This is the acoustic shield as well as the symbolic shield of protection, the renown Arabic shield itself. Around this large circular form are the other smaller circles each with its own function. Between these crater of varying heights lower that the main circle are open spaces at ground floor level for plazas at each end.
The Noble Quran OasisThe West end is the Royal Gateway and the East ends the entry and drop off for the general public on the Airport road. There are small entries and plazas for services around the project integrated into the volumes of the crater walls. All the circular craters are roofed with flat discs of concrete, smaller shields and planted with earth and conceptual gardens. The roof, all perfect circles, cantilever out over the different buildings below, and there is a considerable separation between the traditional type building  and the crater wall allowing ventilation and natural light.
The Noble Quran OasisIn the case of the main Oasis Building which is 200 m x 200 m there are ground level garden spaces of 240 m x 50 m (some 7000 sqm)repeated on 4 sides, which will be planted with palm trees and although shaded by the cantilevered roof will be catching sun rays through small wells or holes in the disc, beaming down to the garden. The roof park will be connected to the ring walkways by bridges and accessible to the interior of the building by opening placed above the courtyard (lanterns) which are designed into the layout plan of the Oasis Building.
The Noble Quran OasisThe roof park will have smaller openings to parts of the interior permitting natural down light to the chosen areas below. The main Oasis Building is laid out on a grid of 20 m x 20 m with substantial free standing columns and is wrapped in today's equivalent of white marble or alabaster, a double façade of white glass. The North South Street divides the site on the centre line.
The Noble Quran OasisThese divisions respond to organizational functions. Each segment is made up of squares of 400 sqm which are grouped around courtyards on the form of a hyper style hall on columns. The façade lies outside the last column line. The courtyards lead up to the roof garden and there is an access by stairs and lift to this park as well as a shaded glass cube which is also part of the ventilation system for air renovation. Source by Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura.
The Noble Quran OasisLocation: Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah, Saudi Arabia
Architects: Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura
Year: 2014
The Noble Quran OasisThe Noble Quran OasisThe Noble Quran Oasis
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