How to create a Polygon Building using Sketchup

 How to create a Polygon Building using Sketchup
Debamoy Ghosh
A polygon is conventionally a plane figure that is bounded by a closed path or circuit, composed of a finite sequence of straight line segments.

What is the procedure to make a polygon building using SketchUp?


How to create a Polygon Building using Sketchup

1. It is how to make a six sided polygon, click on Draw >> Polygon and then put in the number 6.

2. Be sure the capability to put in the number 6 is showing. If not, click on View >> Toolbars >> Measurements. Look to the lower left of your screen and alter the number.

3. Sketch the polygon on the green part of your screen.

4. Click on the Push/Pull icon. After you have made the initial shapes, use the Paint Toolbox to paint your creation. Make sure that the roof is a diversified color.

5. Click on the roof and hold down CTRL/Option. Select the Push/Pull icon and raise the building again. Notice that the sides are not extending, but the new part is the texture of the roof. This is due to holding down the CTRL/Option.

6. Scale the roof. You want the roof to appear like a roof, so after you have pulled it into place, press 'S' on your keyboard. This brings a yellow square around the top of the building.

7. Hold down CTRL/Option and push in. You're seeking to formulate a dome shaped building. The reason you require to hold down the CTRL/Option is so that it retains the shape of the building, uniformly.

8. Make windows for the top of the building. You'll want to make certain that the inhabitant of this building can see the sky! Click on the Offset icon. Go to one of the angled parts of the roof and create an properly shaped window.

9. Do it again this all the way around. You can also copy and paste all the windows and place in each plane. Using the Offset again, creates windows in every other wall, or wherever you want them.

10. Click on the Rectangle icon. Make a door in at least one side of the building.

11. Select the door with the selection tool and hit 'Delete' on your keyboard. This will remove the door. Notice how you can see through various windows and see inside the building.


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