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Sustainable Indigo Tower | 10 DESIGN

IndigoTower 01 580x651

Solar techniques & advanced nanotechnology Tower designed by 10 DESIGN

With a focused look at sustainability, the Hong Kong-based architecture firm lO has been developing a series of research projects aimed at improving the quality of the built environment. One project, the Indigo Tower, takes an active stance and addresses the problem of urban pollution by helping purify the air of our cities through a combination of passive solar techniques and advanced nanotechnology.
IndigoTower 02 580x406
The high-rise tower pulls dirt, grease and bacteria out of the air. The cleansing reaction is triggered by the use of a nano coating of titanium dioxide (TiO2) on the outer skin of the tower. TiO2 is a very strong oxidation agent triggered by a photocatalyst reaction.
During the day the reaction is naturally powered by sunlight acting on the titanium dioxide skin. At night the reaction is maintained by a series of ultraviolet lights that are powered by energy collected from photovoltaic panels during the day.

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Vivienda unifamiliar A-cero!

El estudio de arquitectura A-cero, dirigido por Joaquín Torres, presenta un nuevo proyecto de vivienda unifamiliar, para la que se han diseñado dos propuestas. Sobre una parcela trapezoidal irregular de 3311′61 m2 se ubica esta vivienda en cuatro niveles: planta sótano 1, planta sótano 2, planta baja y planta alta. La vivienda está situada en una exclusiva urbanización madrileña.

Stealth Office Building in California by Eric Owen Moss Architects

Stealth Office Building in California by Eric Owen Moss Architects

Stealth Office Building by Eric Owen Moss Architects
The Stealth, an office building designed with modern concrete block wall located in Culver City California. Created by Eric Owen Moss Architects, the design concept originated with a requirement for the excavation and removal of toxic earth on the west street front of the formerly industrial site. A concrete block wall was constructed to enclose the two remaining warehouses on the east, and the Stealth was constructed to the west, against the new wall. A portion of the excavated area, underneath the overhanging new structure was re-graded, and landscaped forming a sunken garden and meeting space, six feet below the sidewalk elevation.
The north end of the original warehouse that adjoins the new structure was designed as a performance and meeting area for the tenant, Ogilvy. The stage is enclosed by a movable wall of steel doors which opens to the new garden. The new block wall that separates the old warehouses from the new building has two primary openings: the north aperture forms the theater proscenium which holds the sliding steel doors; the south opening admits vehicular traffic, which passes through the wall on the way to a parking area at the rear of the site.

Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center | OODA

Istanbul Disaster 01 580x351
Portuguese firm OODA desiged a proposal for the 'Istanbul Disaster prevention andEducation Center' international design competition. The aim of this competition was to establish a proposal for a centre fully equipped with adequate technology and facilities in order to be prepared against a disaster that may affect Istanbul and to develop public consciousness about the disasters in general and specifically about earthquakes. "For this unique equipment, our proposal approach tries to merge the most efficient program articulation with a strong concept which intends to suggest the overall theme integrated with Istanbul's context. On the interior we created a multi-level space experience having the entire required program connected through a central point that simultaneously receives and guides the public to interact with the building. We also created a progressive cladding concept to the facade that introduces and enhances the Arabic atmosphere while it's reacting – through density combination and geometrical driven development- to the local environment. check out these renders:

Chinese Islamic Scrolls: A Conservation Case Study

Chinese Islamic Scrolls: A Conservation Case Study
By Aristoteles G. Sakellariou, Lalit Kumar Pathak, and
Siti Yuhainizar


This article presents a case study from the Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia's experience with Chinese Islamic Scrolls. What makes Chinese Islamic scrolls so unique is the combination of Arabic script applied on a scroll with the principles of Chinese brush painting. The conservation team started with historic research, then examined the scroll and decided for the best treatment in respect of Eastern and Islamic disciplines. The conservation stages were documentation, removal of the old backing, cleaning, relining, drying, repairs and retouching. Once the treatment was performed, the storage had also to be considered. The parameters affecting both the treatment and storage are based on the staff experience with similar scrolls, the environment and the restrictions relating to the museum's geographic location. Through this treatment, the conservators discovered more about the history of the artistic movement that produced, and still produces, these scrolls. This article is the outcome of observations and decisions that were made for this rather unusual object, that the IAMM conservation team wishes to share.

Bridges: mathematical connections in art and music


Moses Bridge Astonishingly Splits Water

Moses Bridge Astonishingly Splits Water

Ever wonder what it felt like to follow Moses? Well, though it's not the Red Sea, the Moses Bridge, located in the Netherlands, is quite the sight to see. Appropriately titled, the bridge gives visitors a truly unique experience when visiting a close 17th century fort. Designed by architecture group RO & AD, the bridge is constructed out of Accoya wood, a high technology wood that is supposedly harder and more durable than some of the best tropical woods. It is treated with a nontoxic anti-fungal coating.
From a distance, the Moses Bridge appears to vanish, allowing the viewer to see the flow of the moat uninterrupted. As one approaches though, the sunken bridge becomes apparent. It splits the waters allowing for a unique walk to the historic sight across the way. This bridge would be very cool to experience firsthand, though I think I would be just a little bit nervous when crossing the moat.

Sneaker Tectonics | Chris LaBrooy

Sneaker Tectonics 01 580x580

Deconstructive style Sneakers Building designed by Chris LaBrooy

Extruded Sneaker mash up rendered in glass, steel, concrete and wood.

Newly Restored Citadel Returns Glory to War in Afghanistan

Newly Restored Citadel Returns Glory to War in Afghanistan

Photo: The Los Angeles Times
  After three years of painstaking renovation, the Citadel of Herat, a fifteenth-century fortress overlooking the western Afghan city of Herat, has returned to its original state and now houses a lively museum and cultural center looking to lift the spirits of a country beaten down by years of relentless warfare.

Open-Air-Library Magdeburg

Sydney, Australia
The Open-Air-Library, first established in 2005 in an abandoned district centre in East Germany has been started with a public intervention, using beer crates as building material: On the fallow site of the former district library a 1:1 model of a possible Open-Air-Library has been mocked up for two days and the shelves have been filled with book donations. The residents took over the energy of the temporary project and opened up an informal district library near the site which now offers more than 30.000 books. The outdoor space as an addition has been designed together with the residents and opened in June 2009. The bookshelves are never closed, you can take a book when ever you want. There is no bureaucracy, it is a library of confidence.

Plot 7950 / Bernard Khoury Architects17Nov 2011Uploaded by Oscar Lopez, Lebanon

Plot 7950 / Bernard Khoury Architects

Architect: Bernard Khoury Architects
Location: , Lebanon
Project Year: 2010
Photography: Bernard Khoury Architects

McLaren Production Centre / Foster + Partners

McLaren Production Centre / Foster + Partners

© McLaren
Architects: Foster + Partners
Location: Woking,
Project Team: Norman Foster, David Nelson, Nigel Dancey, Iwan Jones, Dominik Hauser, Nina Linde, Chris Johnstone, Kathleen Mark, Nicholas Papas
Client: McLaren Group
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 34,500 sqm
Photographs: McLaren, Nigel Young

Villa Veth by 123DV

123DV have completed the Villa Veth in Hattem, The Netherlands.
Description from the architects:
Between forest and meadows lies a varied landscape. High, dry, sandy dunes interspersed with heather, willow bushes and grasslands. An ideal setting if you like the outdoors, like the inhabitants of this villa in Hattem.
The living area of this bungalow with woodland is orientated to the south. So lovely, that sun out on the terrace. The glass wall of the living area towards the spacious patio is designed transparent to minimize the boundary between inside and outside. From the inside of the house this provides a maximum experience of the garden and the rest of the surroundings. Because of the large canopy and floor heating, it is also nice to be on the terrace on autumn days.

On Some Problems of the Relationship between Science and Conservation


It is now common ground that Science (exact and natural sciences) is an important and indispensable support for Conservation. For example, any higher education degree of Conservation contains in its curriculum several courses on Chemistry, Physics, Materials and Biology, which help to understand the materiality of the works to be conserved, and Methods of Examination and Analysis that are fundamental for identification and characterisation of the materials that constitute the works of art. The importance that Science has for Conservation is also observed in many publications authored or co-authored by conservator-restorers where the knowledge of the exact and natural sciences is increasingly used and relied upon, as seen on several manuals [1-4]. 

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Act II: Debut of the Sydney Opera-Inspired Camper-Trailer

The staged renderings of the Opera was definitely dramatic, much like the Sydney Opera House from which its shape was derived.

The Piazza d'Italia

The Piazza d'Italia

Villa Festen by BBVH Architects

BBVH Architects have sent us some exterior images of the Villa Festen they designed in The Hague, Netherlands.
Description from the architects:
The organization of the house and its position on the plot is aimed at the sun. The entrance, garage, bathrooms and storage rooms are all located at the north east side. The living room, dining room, bedrooms and the terraces are all located at the south side. A spacious garden on the sunny side is created by moving the house as much as possible to the north side of the plot. The living room has a glass façade with large sliding doors.




[Read also Afelda Ghani's write up Majestic Landmarks in Putrajaya as published in the Borneo Bulletin]
The Sri Wawasan Cable Suspension Bridge was built in 2003, spans 168 meters across the Putrajaya Lake in Malaysia. Designed by Perbadanan Putrajaya, the six lane suspension bridge also features pedestrian and bicycle lanes.

Ebook, Landscape Planning and Environmental Impact Design EID by Tom Turner

Unique Architecture in Spain: House Among Pines

House Among Pines Unique Architecture in Spain: House Among Pines
The modern and inviting House Among Pines in Murcia, Spain offers its inhabitants 467 square meters of comfortable, stylish interior living spaces. Designed by Xpiral, the residence was built to expand the interior life to the outside environment, allowing the owners to experience a modern lifestyle and a strong connection to nature. Embedded into the mountain, the lower floor shelters the carport and an access point to the upper floor. The cantilevering volume helped in constructing a unique architecture, personalized for the terrain and inhabitants. A suspended C-shaped floor plan allows the south and east facades to be well lit through extensive use of glass and help the interiors stay bright and sunny whenever the weather permits it. There are a few special features that express the comfort and modernity of this house: the central courtyard, the solarium and the swimming-pool, as well as the roof lien that blocks views from neighbors and captures valley and mountain scenes in the distance. Concrete, thermo-clay and steel are beautifully contrasted by the use of wood in different ways, from walls to floors, so the residence displays a beautiful mix of building materials. Look at the photos for a better grasp of the residence's architecture and let us know what you think.

How To Use Projects to Master Asset Management

Macro View: The asset as a project...................................................................... 2
Design, Operate, Maintain ..................................................................................... 3
Major Stoppages ..................................................................................................... 5
Micro View: Day to Day Maintenance..................................................................... 5
Conclusion............................................................................................................... 7

How To Use Projects to Master Asset Management

By Ulf Stern, Co-Founder, IFS AB

Jeffrey Kessler, EAM Implementation Manager, IFS North America

In this whitepaper, we will discuss how project-based software solutions are essential
for asset-intensive industries, and explore the specific ways that project, maintenance
and financial functionality must be integrated in an enterprise software tool in order
to control the many variables that management in these industries needs to manage.
You want to be able to manage the future—not only the past. We will address how
this information can be leveraged in the company on a macro level for strategic
decision-making in the board room as well as on a micro level to facilitate technical
activities in the maintenance department.

Blender software free download

                 Ph.D. in Technologies for the Exploitation
                 of the Cultural Heritage .
                 Senior Lecturer in the Dept. of ArchitectureE-mail:        emadhanee@yahoo.com

                 College of Engineering , University of Mosul 
                 Mosul - Iraq .

Tel :           +964 (0)770 164 93 74

Blender software free download
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