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Rehabilitation Of The Old Butter Factory / M.S.B , Madeira Island, Portugal,

Rehabilitation Of The Old Butter Factory / M.S.B Architects

© MSB Architects
Architects: M.S.B Architects
Location: Calheta, ,
Project area: 350 sqmProject year: 2010Photographs: MSB Architects

Social Housing: Residential Microchip / Gonatas+Lantavos Architects

Social Housing:

Residential Microchip / Gonatas+Lantavos Architects

Gonatas+Lantavos Architects designed the Social Housing Project for the competition sponsored by the Greek Social Housing Organisation and the Hellenic Institute of Architecture. Located in , a municipality 27 km from the center of in Northern , the residential complex is composed of small buildings that make up the larger complex. The existing landscape and context of the site helped formulate the design approach as an electronic microcircuit of connections.

Designs zayed national museum in abu dhabi revealed

Designs zayed national museum in abu dhabi revealed

'zayed national museum in abu dhabi' by foster + partners
all images courtesy foster + partners

foster + partners:

foster + partners' designs for the 'zayed national museum' in abu dhabi was revealed by
his highness sheikh mohammed bin rashid al maktoum, vice-president and prime minister
of the UAE and ruler of dubai and her majesty queen elizabeth II of the united kingdom.
conceived as a monumnet and memorial to the late sheikh zayed bin sultan al nahyan,
the founding president of the UAE, the museum will be the centrepiece of the saadiyat
island cultural district and will showcase the history, culture and more recently the social
and economic transformation of the emirates.

City park, masterplan for west kowloon cultural district

City park,
masterplan for west kowloon cultural district
Foster + partners:
foster + partners' masterplan for west kowloon cultural district

foster + partners
' masterplan for west kowloon cultural district, on a reclaimed harbour-front
site, has been unveiled in hong kong. 'city park' is a 23-hectare great park and a green avenue
which will provide a landscaped setting for a series of spectacular new cultural buildings – the jewels
in hong kong's architectural crown. these new buildings will be approachable and welcoming – places
for both high culture and popular enjoyment.

Foster + partners: masdar institute campus

Masdar institute campus

Foster + partners:

 'masdar institute campus' by foster + partners in masdar city, abu dhabi
photographer: nigel young
all images courtesy foster + partners

the foster + partners designed 'masdar institute campus' has officially opened as
the first solar powered building in masdar city, abu dhabi. inaugurated under
the patronage of his highness sheikh mohammed bin zayed al nahyan, crown prince
of abu dhabi and deputy supreme commander of the UAE armed forces, his highness
sheikh mansour bin zayed al nahyan, deputy prime minister and minister of presidential
affairs, and lord foster, the institute is devoted to researching sustainability and will be
used as a pilot test bed for the green technologies that will be explored for
implementation in future buildings within the city.

detail of 'mashrabiya' windows

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Rabat Grand Theatre / Zaha Hadid

Rabat Grand Theatre / Zaha Hadid

Following a recent ceremony in , Morroco, Agence pour l'Aménagement de la Vallée du Bouregreg (The Bouregreg Valley Development Agency) verified that architectural designs will be provided by .  The program will include three theater spaces, indoor spaces consisting of 2,050-seat and a 520-seat, and a fully-equipped outdoor amphitheater holding up to 7,000 people.   The theaters will share back of house facilities, efficiently reducing the size of the building services needed.  Creative studios will also be incorporated into this cultural venue.  Estimated cost is at 120 Million Euros for the Grand Theatre.
Follow the break for more renderings of The Grand Theatre

Modular Architecture Unboxed

Modular Architecture Unboxed

Above: Silo House, Cornell University. (Click on image to enlarge and view slide show.)
One of the occasional criticisms of prefabricated modular architecture that we sometimes run into is that it tends towards the boxy. We're somewhat puzzled by this assessment, since the same can be said of the vast majority of buildings erected since the Greeks began to construct their temples on rectangular plans 2,500 years ago. To be sure, our Platonic ancestors also designed the occasional circular edifice for purposes of pagan worship, but these are invariably regarded as punctuation points in a landscape of otherwise emphatic rectilinearity. Nor have any subsequent efforts to 'break the box,' be it by geodesic domes, fractured planes or undulating concrete, succeeded in dislodging the rectangular volume from its preferred status among the world's structures.

Taiwan tower proposal

Taiwan tower proposal
Paolo cucchi architects:


taiwan tower proposal by paolo cucchi architects
all images courtesy paolo cucchi architects

designboom continues coverage on the taiwan tower competition with the proposal of italian firm
paolo cucchi architects.

Windows 7 gets the Minority Report treatment using Kinect

Windows 7 gets the Minority Report treatment using Kinect

Newly-developed software allows the Microsoft Kinect gesture-based gaming platform to be u...
Newly-developed software allows the Microsoft Kinect gesture-based gaming platform to be used to control the Windows 7 operating system

In the 2002 movie Minority Report, part of the "way out there" 2054 technology was a computer system that Tom Cruise navigated his way through via arm and hand gestures. That technology – minus the holograms – has now officially arrived 44 years ahead of schedule, thanks to the design team at tech firm Evoluce. With support from Microsoft, the company has created prototype software which allows Microsoft's Kinect gesture-based video gaming platform to control Windows 7 applications. PC-users will likely soon be able to "swim" through Google Earth images, write on-screen messages in the air, and surf the Internet without cramping their mousing hand.

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Urban Design Concept, CITY OF MONTEREY PARK

Urban Design Concept

 November 2009 , Prepared for City of Monterey Park, 320 West Newmark Avenue, Monterey Park, CA 91754
Prepared by16 North Marengo Avenue Suite 405, Pasadena, CA 91101and 11661 San Vicente Boulevard Suite 306
Los Angeles, CA 90049

The purpose of the Urban Design Concept is to support the Economic Development Strategy for the City of Monterey
Park. Highlighting the City's positive attributes, unique urban design characteristics, and opportunities provides
guidance to the City's economic development strategy in terms of improving the City's overall image and marketability.
The Urban Design Concept views the City holistically, as a system of spaces, structures, and environments
rather than as individual areas of unrelated buildings and unde
strong sense of place provides visitors and residents with an understanding of how to easily and safely
way around and to ef
improved streetscapes, connected open spaces, and enhanced landmarks and features helps make the City
understandable and accessible, as well as help de
The key elements of the Urban Design Concept are described in detail in Section D and illustrated in Figure 2.
They include:
• Streetscape Improvements for Major Corridors
• City and Local Gateways
• Way
• Public Art
• Improved Parking
• Architectural Character and Historic Focal Points
• Regional Destinations
fi ned streetscapes. A clear framework with afi nd theirfi ciently identify uses and activities. Aggregation of land uses into identifi able districts,fi ne an identity for Monterey Park.fi nding

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Tour Homes of the Future with Exclusive Slideshows and Videos

ion electric car photo photo

World's Most Amazing Homes

Tour the Home of Today's Most Prolific Inventor
Dean Kamen salvaged a 25-ton engine turbine once owned by Henry Ford and housed it in his foyer. An avid enthusiast for all things mechanical, it's no wonder he's enthused about personal flying devices and flying cars, and safekeeps multiple helicopters on his property. Don't miss an unbelievable tour of the home of the future, which Dean designed himself.
And don't miss the hit new series Dean of Invention, premiering Fridays at 10 pm where Dean travels the world in search of the most promising technology of our day.
See the Ultimate Innovative Home

Part artwork, part boat... literally!

Part artwork, part boat... literally!

The Love Love was built to look as if it is sinking
The Love Love was built to look as if it is sinking

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Angola Central Highlands University / XV Studio

Angola Central Highlands University / XV Studio

Courtesy XV Studio
The Barcelona architecture firm XV Studio has shared with us their proposal for the new Angola Central Highlands University, where they were a part of the four team short list for the international competition.

Víctor de la Serna y Espina Public School / Julio Barreno Gutiérrez

Víctor de la Serna y Espina Public School / Julio Barreno Gutiérrez

We just recieved this public school facility. It is located in an extended part of Cáliz, . Although the executive project was finished on 1957, the building was completed in 1963.

1999 K Street / Murphy Jahn

1999 K Street / Murphy Jahn

© Rainer Viertlboeck
The recipient of the 2010 Washington Building Congress – Craftsmanship Award, 1999 K Street aims to provide a work environment in that is responsive to its urban surroundings. approached this design focused on filling each work space with natural light. The result is a simple, efficient and sustainable building. 1999 K Street received Certification in 2009.  Follow the break for more photographs and the architects description about the design.

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Green Float concept: a carbon negative city on the ocean

Green Float concept: a carbon negative city on the ocean

 Green Float cities would grow just like a lily floating on the water
Green Float cities would grow just like a lily floating on the water
Image Gallery (5 images)

The idea of going offshore to satisfy our renewable energy needs isn't new, but the grand vision of Japan's Shimizu Corporation goes way beyond harnessing green energy at sea for use in cities on Terra firma – it takes the whole city along for the ride. The company, along with the Super Collaborative Graduate School and Nomura Securities, is researching the technical issues involved in constructing its Green Float concept – a self-sufficient, carbon-negative floating city that would reside in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean.

The Evelyn Grace Academy by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid has designed the Evelyn Grace Academy in the Brixton district of south London.

The Evelyn Grace Academy in Brixton, London Borough of Lambeth, broadens not only the educational diversity of this active and historical part of London but also augments the built environment in a predominantly residential area.
This Academy presents itself as an open, transparent and welcoming addition to the community's local urban regeneration process.

Williams Studio by GH3

Toronto-based firm GH3 designed the Williams Studio on Stony Lake in Ontario, Canada.

A photographer's studio over a boathouse on Stony Lake is a re-imagination of the archetypal glass house in a landscape in the Canadian Shield. A continuation of thinking about this architectural ambition, the central concept of the house is reconceived through a contemporary lens of sustainability, program, site and amenity. The compelling qualities of simple, open spaces; interior and exterior unity and material clarity are transformed to enhance the environmental and programmatic performance of the building, creating architecture of both iconic resonance and innovative context–driven design.

Al-Irsyad Mosque / Indonesia

Al-Irsyad Mosque / Urbane

© Emilio Photoimagination
Architects: PT. Urbane Indonesia
Location: Kota Baru Parahyangan, Padalarang, Jawa Barat,
Principal Architect: M. Ridwan KamilProject Team: Fahry AdhityaClient: PT. Belaputera IntilandSite Area: 8,000 sqmProject Area: 970 sqmProject Year: 2010Photographs: Emilio Photoimagination

Google Offices in Italy, Milan

Google Offices in Milan / AMA – Albera Monti & Associati

© Bepe Raso
Architects: AMA – Albera Monti & Associati
Location: ,
Architectural Project: Giovanni Albera [Principal], Nicolas Monti [Principal]Project Team: Nicolas Monti [Principal in Charge], Giovanni Albera, Rita Saragoça Saramago Silva PereiraM.E.P.: Varese Controlli (Stefano Castellani)General Contractor: ISG ItaliaProject Area: approx. 1,800 sqmDesign Year: 2009Construction Year: 2009 – 2010Photographs: Bepe Raso

BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center / Spain, Steel

BTEK – Technology Interpretation Center / ACXT

© Aitor Ortiz
© Aitor Ortiz
Architects: ACXT
Location: Derio, Bizkaia,
Project Architect: Gonzalo CarroCollaborators: Carlos Miguel Guimaraes & Javier Pérez UribarriProject Development: Gonzalo Carro & ATHOS (Pedro Berroya, Aitziber Goikoetxea)Structure: Javier Eskubi, Amaia Oyón, Ángel GómezProject Area: 2,600 sqmDesign year: 2006–2007Construction year: 2007–2009Photographer: Aitor Ortiz

Neighborhood watching with the Swinglet CAM high resolution flying camera

Neighborhood watching with the Swinglet CAM high resolution flying camera

The Swinglet CAM can take off, snap aerial photos along a chosen route and then land, wher...
The Swinglet CAM can take off, snap aerial photos along a chosen route and then land, where the operator can upload the images to a waiting notebook
With the help of the Swinglet CAM you can create your very own local aerial map a la Google Maps, or monitor wildlife distribution in a given area, or maybe just get a feel for what's going on in the neighborhood. The small, unmanned aerial vehicle can take off and land on its own and its integrated camera will snap high resolution images along a predetermined flightpath or as directed by remote control.

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The glass lofts: Front studio architects

The glass lofts
Front studio architects:

the glass lofts by front studio architects
photo by ed massery

the glass lofts by american front studio architects is not your usual configuration
of spaces. commissioned by friendship development associates (FDA) to be
a central player in its community revitalization program. the glass lofts is a new
mixed-use building consisting of 36,600sf including 18 loft condominiums, yoga studio,
artist's work spaces, retail, restaurant space, and a flexible exterior community space.
located at the beginning of the p

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Becton Dickinson Campus Center / RMJM

Becton Dickinson Campus Center / RMJM

Architects: RMJM
Location: Franklin Lakes, NJ,
Principal in Charge: Barbara HillierCivil Engineer: Owen, Little & Associates, Beachwood, NJStructural Engineer: Leslie E. Robertson Associates, RLLP, New York, NYMep engineering: Atkinson Korven Feinberg AKF Engineers, Princeton, NJLighting design: Brandston Partnership, Inc., New York, NYConstruction Management: Gilbane, Inc., Lawrenceville, NJLandscape: , Janet Garwood, Senior Associate, Princeton, NJ
Constructed Area: 3,200 sqmPhotographs: Brad Feinknopf

Vidyalankar Institute of technology / Planet 3 Studios Architecture

Vidyalankar Institute of technology / Planet 3 Studios Architecture

Architects: Planet 3 Studios Architecture
Location: Wadala, Mumbai,
Client: The Vidyalankar educational trust, Wadala-MumbaiDesign Team: Kalhan Mattoo, Santha Gour Mattoo, assisted by Jainish JaniStructural Consultant: S.N. Bhobe & AssociatesContractor: Nagarjuna ConstructionsService Consultant: Sunil ServicesConstruction Year: 8,826 sqmProject Year: 2004-2006Photographs: Mrigank Sharma – IndiaSutra

Joaquín Torres participa en el foro internacional "Territorios 21″


El pasado 4 de noviembre Joaquín Torres fue invitado a participar en el Foro Internacional de Urbanismo 'Territorios 21′, organizado por el Gobierno de La Rioja, para explicar el paisajismo desarrollado por A-cero para sus proyectos en Dubai.
El encuentro, que se ha realizado este año por cuarta vez, reúne a arquitectos y técnicos de las Administraciones públicas para profundizar en la importancia entre el paisaje y el territorio.
Durante la ponencia, Joaquín Torres explicó cómo debido a las particulares características de Dubai, por su clima extremadamente caluroso y su especial ubicación geográfica entre el desierto y el mar, A-cero ha creado un paisajismo específico para sus proyectos en el emirato árabe, desde el diseño de pequeños jardines hasta trabajos urbanísticos de gran escala.

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Villa Meindersma by Cie Architects

Posted: 05 Nov 2010 01:45 PM PDT
Cie Architects designed the Villa Meindersma in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands.
Description from the architect:
Closed to the outside; light and open on the inside. This elliptically shaped property is composed of an enclosed space around a patio. The inner façade is fully glazed. The house has a linear layout: the hallway behind the entrance opens out into one big space where the functions of cooking, eating, living and working occupy their own particular zones. The space then narrows again, into a corridor that leads to the main sleeping quarters. The basement with a sauna, the children's rooms and sun room is linked with the floor above by an open well. The partially lowered ground level around the sun room increases daylight and contact with the terrace.

Culver House Development / Dirk Denison Architects

Culver House Development / Dirk Denison Architects

The recent recipient of the 2010 AIA Chicago Unbuilt Design Award, the Culver House Development sparks the conversation of sustainable design within the private sector of the prestigious Gold Coast neighborhood, , .  A mixed-use development, the building was designed to achieve LEED Gold status.  Both the office space and eight dwelling units capitalize on the thoughtful design of the energy efficient and ample day-lit spaces.
The jurors are quoated as descirbing the Culver House Development plan as "very smart" and the scheme "handsome."  In reference to the varied floor plans of the residential units jurors claimed that "it breaks the typical pattern of every floor being the same" and continuing stating,  "it is like a jigsaw puzzle."

Narrow House, Houses , Bassam El-Okeily, Belgium, Brussels,

Narrow House / Bassam El-Okeily

By Karen Cilento 

© . Photographed by Tim van de Velde

Amidst a block of more traditional houses in Bilzen, -based Bassam El-Okeily, in collaboration with Karla Menten, has squeezed a contemporary three storey residence.  From the street, the project's vastly unique façade screams for attention, yet the crazed internal geometry is contained by a flat piece of glass – a move that allows the project to assimilate better into its context. In the evening time, the façade is lit in different colors allowing the house to act as "a pubic light sculpture by night."

Bibliotecas de A-cero

Hay pocas cosas comparables a tener una buena biblioteca en tu propia casa donde colocar ordenadamente esos libros que ya has leído o que te gustaría leer. Por ello, te presentamos esta serie que te invita a relajarte por un momento y disfrutar del placer de la lectura. Como podéis ver en este post, no hace falta disponer de una gran habitación o espacio para ir creando tu colección de publicaciones. Cualquier rincón o pasillo pueden ser perfectos…

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JA Joubert Architecture Wins International Competition For Masterplan In Tirana, Albania

JA Joubert Architecture Wins International Competition For Masterplan In Tirana, Albania

JA Joubert Architecture, a Rotterdam-based architectural office, has won first prize in an international competition for a new neighborhood in Tirana, Albania.

Urban Renewal // Lausanne // Switzerland // R204DESIGN

Urban Renewal // Lausanne // Switzerland // R204DESIGN

Zip Bed by Florida Furniture

Zip Bed by Florida Furniture
Forget everything your mother taught you about making your bed. This cool, contemporary Zip Bed by Italian company Florida Furniture is all about the zipper. The bed's soft, gently rounded frame is padded and upholstered, and finished with a zipper running its perimeter. Simply zipper down at bedtime to reveal a cozy comforter, sheets and pillows. Talk about cocooning! Nothing is more inviting on a chilly night. And in the morning, this unique yet usable bed design offers instant neat – just wake up and zip up for a clean, clutter-free look. The Zip Bed is available in a dreamy palette of white, gray or blue. For more information visit Florida Furniture.


The Currencies of Architecture and Yen
>For an issue dedicated to banking in the future, GQ Japan approached CIA Tokyo and NMDA to develop concepts around this premise. Our work focused on a 33 meter high building on corner site in central Tokyo. The exterior design is a smooth metal and glass surface that shifts and distorts according to views and internal programs. The window system and the GQ brand colors, black and white, interact to become a large scale icon or graphic logo, a technique common to NMDA projects. Like an automobile, the surface is smooth but the high contrast elements and accentuated seams and joints articulate the set of functions that go into a new bank, ie public lounges, private offices, and meeting rooms. The unique pattern of the façade describes the interactivity of people in the bank, while at the same time it suggests the flow of money in the circuitry of our lives. Indeed, the electronic world treats money as a purely digital medium, a currency not of paper but of abstract value. We are trying to reveal this system in our design.
On the inside, highly sophisticated ATM machines project holographic images of real banking people. This is the future of banking service "on the street", a virtual expert speaking with a real customer. On the upper floors of this branch are lounge spaces that are in many ways like a club where people can rely on experts to serve them a customized banking strategy with a cinematic backdrop of projections and city panoramas to surrounds them. These spaces and their smooth architectural forms remind the client that experience is the main thing and that new design can deliver it.



                  Dept. of Architecture E-mail:        emadhanee@yahoo.com
                  University of Mosul
                  Mosul - Iraq
Tel :           +964 (0)770 164 93 74

Garden In The Glass Concept Design OfModern Bank Interior

Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture & Design manages to create the interior design of modern business place in such a good mood of contemporary interior design. The glass wall of the particular modern business place interior design is doing a lot of favor in helping the security management of the bank. The glass gives the interesting spots of green color variation of glass wall. The indoor garden concept of this modern bank interior gives refreshment of modern business place interior design. This garden in the glass concept design of modern bank interior shows the effort to apply the go green concept into modern design of business place interior design. This is the interior applied on Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Tokyo.

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Villa in a Small Town in South Africa by Nico van der Meulen

Architect Nico van der Meulen has sent us photos of a redevelopment of an old house situated in the Northern part of South Africa.


I-cube #03

I-cube #03

'i-cube #03' by rats-architects in usuki, japan
all images courtesy rats-architects

shinji kogo of oita, japan-based firm rats-architects has finished the third dwelling
in his 'i-cube' project, a series of small 'pret-a-porter' houses that pivots around
an interior light court. aptly named 'i-cube #03', this third installment, located in
usuki, japan, features bare facades that are accented with a series of small windows
arranged on a 4 by 4 grid.

Halo Intersceptor concept would serve as car, boat, plane and helicopter

Halo Intersceptor concept would serve as car, boat, plane and helicopter
The Halo Intersceptor multi-vehicle concept
The Halo Intersceptor multi-vehicle concept
We've seen cars that transform into boats, into airplanes, and even into helicopters, so why not one that transforms into all three? That's the idea behind UK designer Philip Pauley's Halo Intersceptor concept. Now, before you start picturing a kind of Swiss Army knife-type vehicle, you should know that the Intersceptor concept revolves around a central car that remains unchanged, that simply "plugs in" to different attachments. It's definitely an intriguing idea, even if you may never be able to buy one.