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Prishtina Central Mosque Competition Entry | Taller 301 and L+CC

The Colombian based firm Taller 301 and Dutch practice Land+Civilization Compositions (L+CC) unveiled their compeition entry for Prishtina Central Mosque Competition

Albania Mosque and Religious Complex | BIG

Winner of the international design competition for a new 27,000 square meter cultural complex in Albania, this design by BIG will reestablish the religious equilibrium within Albania by adding a new mosque to the newly completed Orthodox and Catholic Cathedrals. This entry was selected out of five finalists including Spanish architect Andreas Perea Orthega, Architecture Studio from France, Dutch SeARCH and London-based Zaha Hadid. The complex consists of a new Mosque, an Islamic Center, and a Museum of Religious Harmony, providing a space that will not only serve the Muslim community of the city and surrounding areas, but will educate the public about Islamic values and serve as a beacon for religious tolerance.

Prishtina Central Mosque Competition Entry | Maden&Co

Prishtina Central Mosque Competition Entry | Maden&Co

Prishtina-based firm, Maden Group, unveiled its entry of the international architecture competition to design the Central Mosque of Prishtina in Kosovo.

نظرة على المستقبل: 10 تقنيات قادمة قد تغير العالم

نظرة على المستقبل: 10 تقنيات قادمة قد تغير العالم

شهدنا قفزات كبيرة في مجال التكنولوجيا في السنوات الخمس الماضية. من الهواتف الذكية, الحوسبة السحابية, إلى الأجهزة اللوحية المتعددة اللمس. وهذه هي كل الابتكارات التي احدثت ثورة في الطريقة التي نعيش ونعمل فيها.ومع ذلك , صدق او لا تصدق, نحن في بداية الطريق, حيث أن التكنولوجيا سوف تقدم أكثر في المستقبل. قد يأتي يوم نعيش فيه كما يفعل أناس أفلام الخيال العلمي.
استعدوا للانطلاق…. ,اربطو الأحزمة…., لننطلق في عالم الحقيقة العالم الواقعي وليس الخيال العلمي. لنتعرف على المنتجات التي ستحدث ثورة في العالم. استعدوا للغوص في العالم الافتراضي والتفاعل معه. هيا لنكتشف تقنيات المستقبل معاً.

CAA Annual Conference, Chicago, February 12 - 15, 2014

CAA Annual Conference, Chicago, February 12 - 15, 2014
Deadline: May 6, 2013

Call for Papers
Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture
New Scholars Open Session

Session at the College Art Association Conference, Chicago

K³ House by Juri Troy Architects

 Juri Troy Architects designed a renovation of a house in Lake Constance, Austria.
From the architects
The idea of the project was to rebuild a single family house from the 1960's located at the edge of a wood into a three-family house. Despite the doubling of the living space the entire garden area could be preserved. Therefore both the founded building parts protrude as a pure wooden column-free construction up to 5 m above the estate. By means of using entirely high insulated cover with a silver fir shade and modern installations with a controlled building ventilation the heating need could be even reduced, and this despite the doubling of the space. The idea of a modern three-family house as an concentrated living form represents – particularly in the scattered settlement area of Vorarlberg – an exemplary alternative to a detached one-family house.

WAF 2012 Winner ‘FP Masterplanning’ : Heart of Doha scheme, Qatar / by a Team Led by AECOM

A team led by AECOM is the winner of the future projects masterplanning award for the Msheireb Heart of Doha project in Qatar. The judges praised the project as 'a fine-grained masterplan stitched in to the existing fabric of Doha'. It was, they said, 'a creative, modernist interpretation of traditional arabic urbanism' and 'a great prototype for Middle Eastern urbanism'.

الاثنين، 29 أبريل 2013

Norisada maeda atelier: rose residence and office

Norisada maeda atelier: rose residence and office
norisada maeda atelier: rose residence and office
first image
'rose' by norisida maeda atelier, minato-ku, tokyo, japan
all images courtesy of norisida maeda atelier
japanese practice norisida maeda atelier has shared with us their residence and office titled 'rose' in a suburb of tokyo. the reinforced concrete
cube implements a positive and negative space spatial concept, named the 'recto' and 'verso'. the recto refers to the three large voids taken out of
the solid volume defined by the visible outer envelope, and contain the social functions such as the lounge parking and entry sequence all closely
connected with the exterior through a full-height glazed skin.

السبت، 13 أبريل 2013

The Tulous of Fujian Province

Brookes Street House in Brisbane, Australia by James Russell Architect

Nestled between two 19th century state heritage-listed buildings in Fortitude Valley, the Brookes Street house byJames Russell Architect is a modern, raw, cubby-like home for a family of four. Whilst high density development was permitted under the planning scheme, it was decided that a small-scale proposal that enhanced the experience of the listed buildings was more appropriate.

The Babson Boulders of Dogtown

Roger Babson had a problem. His family thought he was crazy or felonious or both.  He had started to carve mottoes in to the boulders which lay in the fields near the long abandoned settlement of Dogtown close to his home in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Brilliant Folding Wheel Rolls in a Wheelchair Revolution

Storing and transporting wheelchairs has traditionally been a rather frustrating task – even folding wheelchairs still have enormous wheels that won't fit into airplane luggage compartments, small cars or small rooms without a struggle. The Morph Folding Wheel from Vitamins Design in London will change that and revolutionize wheelchairs.



China Wood Sculpture Museum

MAD ARCHITECTSChina Wood Sculpture Museum

Call for Posters: Young Researchers Thinking the Contemporary Landscape

Call for Posters: Young Researchers Thinking the Contemporary Landscape

Landscape architecture professor Christophe Girot from the ETH Zurich 
and the Volkswagen Foundation want to support young graduates of 
spatial design disciplines such as landscape architecture, 
architecture, and urban planning, as well as those of environmental and 
natural sciences, the humanities, and sociology programs who are 
interested in participating in the conference. To this end, 10 to 15 
grants will be awarded. These will cover participation in the 
conference, meals, travel costs, and accommodation for three nights.

Heidelberg Castle Visitor Centre

Heidelberg Castle Visitor Centre
Besucherzentrum Schloss Heidelberg
Heidelberg Castle ranks as one of the most important Renaissance buildings north of the Alps. Having been partially destroyed during the Thirty Years' War, and on many occasions since, the castle was abandoned altogether in the eighteenth century. Today the famous ruin serves as a museum. Receiving more than one million visitors a year, it is one of the country's top tourist destinations and makes a lasting impression on international tourists visiting Germany.

Cheeky Kitchen Objects Hide a Provocative Secret Function

Homebrewing alcohol has been attracting a rather large following in the United States and some other countries, but the in-home production of alcohol is prohibited in many parts of the world. The Prohibition Kit from designer Francesco Morackini is a cheeky take on the hobby and its rather shady origins.

Museum Ritter

Museum Ritter
Photo: Stefan Müller. - Max Dudler © All rights reserved.
The Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collectionss new museum is built in the small, rural town of Waldenbuch near Stuttgart. The company has had its headquarters here since its founding in a green valley, at the edge of a broad pasture, with richly forested hills on both sides.

CALL FOR PAPERS : Design and Research in Architecture Reflexive Design 13-15 June 2013 , Symposium on Design and Research in Architecture Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences, Leibniz Universität Hannover

  CALL FOR PAPERS: Design and Research in Architecture Reflexive Design
13-15 June 2013 

Symposium on Design and Research in Architecture
Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences, Leibniz Universität 

'Reflexive Design' defines a research agenda for architecture that 
explicitly addresses the growth of knowledge as an intrinsic part of 
the design process. The realized project, often predominant in both 
architectural discourse and practice, obscures the actual relevance of 
thought in the process of architectural design.

Shaping Postmodern Architecture (SAH, Austin, 9-13 Apr 2014) Austin, Texas, April 9 - 13, 2014

 Shaping Postmodern Architecture (SAH, Austin, 9-13 Apr 2014)
Austin, Texas, April 9 - 13, 2014
Deadline: Jun 1, 2013

Society of Architectural Historians
SAH Conference in Austin, Texas
April 9 - 13, 2014

Panel:Shaping Postmodern Architecture: The Medium is the Message

As recent scholarship has pointed out "the history of the architectural 
media is much more than a footnote to the history of architecture". 
Ever since the late 18th century, architectural exhibitions and 
periodicals played an essential role in the dissemination of 
architectural culture. Emphasizing the work of certain architects, and 
belittling that of others, they introduced movements and constructed 
new tendencies, while theoretically and critically shaping 
architectural discourse. If a number of scholars reconsidered the role 
of these media in the modern era, their significance for the postmodern 
decades has only just been opened up.



Triple Win for HASSELL at Australian National Architecture Awards

Multidisciplinary design practice, HASSELL, was one of the big winners at the Australian Architecture Awards ceremony held in Canberra last night. These awards comprise the Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture for Epping to Chatswood Rail Link in Sydney, the Emil Sodersten Award for Interior Architecture…

القريه الفرعونية بالجيزه مصر

تستقر القرية الفرعونية على جزيرة يعقوب محاطة بالأشجار من كل جانب يعمل سكانها بالحرف الذي كان يعمل عليها جدودهم من آلاف السنين يحرثوا حقولهم بمحاريثهم الخشبية ومرسى صغير على شاطئ النيل بالعاصمة المصرية القاهرة التي تعد أحد أكثر المدن زحاما على مستوى العالم تنطلق مركب فرعونية الشكل ليس إلى شط النهر الآخر أو أحد المدن الساكنة في رحاب النيل على امتدادها ولكن الرحلة تكون زمن آخر بعمق 7 آلاف سنة حيث تستقر القرية الفرعونية على جزيرة يعقوب محاطة بالأشجار من كل جانب يعمل سكانها بالحرف الذي كان يعمل عليها جدودهم من آلاف السنين يحرثوا حقولهم بمحاريثهم الخشبية وينثرو بذورهم في انتظار حصادها ويحنطوا موتاهم كما جاء في كتاب الموتى ويصنعوا قواربهم من اعواد البوص كما تغزل نسائهم الكتان وتصبغه بالألوان التي جادت بها الطبيعة وتتناثر تماثيل الالهة طوال مسار الرحلة النهرية داخل القناة المائية التي تنصف الجزيرة كما تتراص نماذج للمعابد الفرعونية الشهيرة على جانبي القناة طوال الرحلة

Minimalist Troia House in Portugal

Minimalist Troia House in Portugal

Bright, minimalist and modern, there are the words to best describe this beautiful home. The residence is located in Grândola, Portugal and it was a project developed by João Rainha Castro from Quadrante Arquitectura. It was built between 2008 and 2010. The client requested a simple, modern, functional and comfortable house. The architects were asked to maximize the usable space.
The team designed a single family residence with a very simple design and using basic materials. It's a two-storey house with a permanent connection and a game between these levels and between the different areas of the house. The house has a slope roof volume that creates a strong connection between the interior and exterior spaces. The volume is almost entirely white. It has two large windows that open onto the street. Also, in an attempt to introduce color into the décor, the volume also features wooden laths arranged in parallel on one of the walls.

مطماطة التونسية

مطماطة مدينة تونسية تقع تحت الارض و العجيب انها 
لحد الان مسكونة 

عندما تصل إليها لا تواجهك إلا التلال الجرداء التي تشبه تضاريس وجه القمر, لا أثر للحياة, ثم نكتشف أن كل شيء موجود في حفر غائرة تحت الأرض, قرية كاملة تعيش في باطن الصخور الرملية, كل حفرة أو منزل مكون من باحة منزل رئيسية تزينها الرسوم, وتتفرع منها حفر أخرى هي بقية غرف المنزل, نهبط على منحدر ضيق يقودنا إلى باب المنزل, أو بالأحرى الحفرة, تعود أهالي القرية على فضول الغرباء وأصبح هذا مصدر رزق لهم, معظمهم غادر هذه الحفر ولجأ إلى بيوت الإسمنت في مطماطة الجديدة, ولكن مازال هناك حوالي خمسمائة منهم تحت الأرض, يتحملون غزوات السياح اليومية, وقوفهم عند حافة الحفر, وهم يصورون دقائق حياتهم .

International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure Sydney and Wollongong, Australia


International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure
Sydney and Wollongong, Australia
We invite you to respond to the 'Grand Research Challenge' 
"What is required to design, develop and carry through the effective provision of Infrastructure to sustain the development of modern society?"


19th Century Beer Barrels Bedrooms AirBnB

Published through AirBnB – an online service that allows people to rent spare rooms and other living spaces for short-term. The hotel has converted large beer barrels from the local Pott's Brewery into single and double beds. The barrels were used for over 100 years to age and transported Pott's malty beer. An opening is created by cutting a half-circle from one of the end caps, allowing guests to climb up a short ladder to the platform bed installed inside.

Call of Papers: Thinking the Contemporary Landscape (Hanover, 20-22 Jun 2013)

 Thinking the Contemporary Landscape (Hanover, 20-22 Jun 2013)Hanover, June 20 - 22, 2013
Deadline: May 10, 2013

International Conference

20-22 June 2013 Herrenhausen Castle, Hanover, Germany
Landscape finds its roots in the Old Dutch word "Landskip", which 
designates a stretch of cultivated land. Similarly, paysage in French 
stems from the Latin word "pagus", meaning peasant, which designates an 
extent of land made by that same person. In other words landscape is 
the belaboured making of humans, and has nothing to do with the ideal 
of an untouched wilderness.

فضفضة أحد مسئولي المنح الدراسية

السلام عليكم

وصلني البريد التالي احببت مشاركتكم به


فضفضة أحد مسئولي المنح الدراسية

by alkhanqah
ملحوظة: كتب النص أدناه زميل يعمل بأحد المؤسسات المانحة للتمويل للدراسين للدراسة بالخارج، ومن جانبه برى "بلاوي" كثيرة من جانب المتقدمين، ولذا قام بكتابة هذا النص ليساعد كل المتقدمين على المنح المختلفة. وقامت احد الزميلات بترجمة هذا النص من الإنجليزية إلى العربية، ولهم هما الإثنان جزيل الشكر منا.
بعد قراءة وتقييم الألاف من طلبات التقديم للمنح الدراسية على مر السنين، هناك بعض الأشياء التي أرغب في أن يعرفها المتقدمون. سوف أقوم  أعطي تنفيس وأتمنى أن تفيدكم:

GreenDot Animo High School, South Los Angeles by Brooks + Scarpa Architects

This new public school for 500 studentsby Brooks + Scarpa Architects is located in a tough South Los Angeles neighborhood almost directly under the flight path into LAX and adjacent to the very busy 105 Century freeway. The design was influenced by the New Orleans architects Curtis and Davis who designed and built many schools in the early 1950s in Louisiana. Their designs adapted to the local climate without using air conditioning, creating sustainable light filled and poetic spaces for kids to learn.

هل سمعت عن "أشهر" معماري عالمي مصري ؟؟!! ... فن الملائم والمسموح

هل سمعت عن "أشهر" معماري عالمي مصري ؟؟!! ... فن الملائم والمسموح

هل سمعت عن "أشهر" معماري عالمي مصري ؟؟!! ... فن الملائم والمسموح
بناة - القاهرة:

إذا كنت من هواة وعشاق العمارة الإستعراضية النحتية التي ينفق عليها ببذخ ... فهذه المقالة ليست لك بأي حال من الأحوال, هذه المقالة تتناول عمارة تصنع من أجل الأنسان .. العمارة الإنسانية ... هل لازلنا نتذكر أننا نصنع العمارة من أجل الإنسان بالأساس !!!.

كان حسن فتحي المعماري المصري الكبير شخص مجهول لا يعرفه أحد ... فما يصنعه لا يخطف أبصارنا ولا يلفت إنتباهنا بأي حال من الأحوال ... حتى تحدث عنه الغرب .. تحدث عنه كثيراً .. فبعضنا حاول يستمع له ليري ماذا رأى الغرب فيه فأحبه البعض .. وأحب شهرته البعض دون أن يعي عن ماذا يتحدث هو !!! فقط لكي يبدو مثقفاً ومتحضراً مثل الغرب ... وكرهه البعض وحاربه وغار منه على الجانب الآخر.

Land Transportation Design railway station design

Land Transportation Design railway station design

railway station design

Santiago Calatrava Calls Attention to Transportation Design with Liège Train Station Originally commissioned in 1996, the starchitect had to replace the existing station without interrupting train service or disturbing the 36,000 people who frequent the facility on a daily basis. Laurel Petriello -- Interior Design, 10/4/2009 12:00:00 AM Santiago Calatrava continues to carve out his architectural niche by putting his stamp on transportation design across the world. The architect chosen to design the World Trade Center Transportation Hub in downtown Manhattan released his latest creation, the Liège-Guillemins TGV Railway Station, late last month in Belgium—and it is quite a looker. Designed by Calatrava to meet the demands of high-speed travel, the station brings new life into the industrial city of Liège and acts as an epicenter of the North European High-Speed Network. “It was my goal to create a 21st century transportation facility that would not only unite Liège with the rest of Europe, but would also serve as a symbol of the city’s renewal,” said Calatrava. “The project, as a whole, creates a new gateway into Liège and re-establishes a relationship with the city.” Originally commissioned in 1996, the starchitect faced a tough task of replacing the existing station without interrupting train service or disturbing the 36,000 people who frequent the facility on a daily basis. Using a technique normally employed in bridge construction, Calatrava was able to accommodate this request, while preserving the integrity of his design. The new station, which now frames the city of Liège, features a soaring roof to protect travelers from natural elements while eliminating the use of a façade. The final result is a flowing structure that Calatrava likens to “the graceful rise and fall of the Cointe Hills in the background.” Imagery by Barbara Burg/Oliver Schuh, palladium.de; courtesy of Santiago Calatrava, LLC.

Santiago Calatrava Calls Attention to Transportation Design with Liège Train Station

Originally commissioned in 1996, the starchitect had to replace the existing station without interrupting train service or disturbing the 36,000 people who frequent the facility on a daily basis.

Santiago Calatrava Liège-Guillemins TGV Railway Station

Santiago Calatrava continues to carve out his architectural niche by putting his stamp on transportation design across the world. The architect chosen to design the World Trade Center Transportation Hub in downtown Manhattan released his latest creation, the Liège-Guillemins TGV Railway Station, late last month in Belgium—and it is quite a looker.

CFP: Maintaining the Past (CAA, 12-15 Feb 2014)

 Maintaining the Past (CAA, 12-15 Feb 2014)

Chicago, CAA Annual Conference, February 12 - 15, 2014, Deadline: May 6, 2013

Maintaining the Past: Collecting and Collectors in 21st Century Museums

This session will examine the preservation of historical museum
collections, the role of archival research in protecting the integrity
of the history of collecting, and the scholarly publication of
evidence-based, art historical analysis related to collection

Custom Contemporary Bunk Beds by SPACE Architects

Custom Contemporary Bunk Beds by SPACE Architects


المنحى البيئي في العمارة الإسلامية

المنحى البيئي في العمارة الإسلامية

ثمة هوى حداثي يسعى للعناية بالبيئة ، يدغدغ شغاف كل القلوب ،وشاع كمفهوم شامل متعدد المناح والممارسات،تدفق في لجة البحث عن رتق الخيوط المتقطعة بين التراث والحداثة ،كونها  تكتسي أهمية بالنسبة للجميع ،وامست ثيمة واقعية لفهم التراث أو جسر رصين لربط الخيوط المتقطعة بين  تراث مفعم بالروح المرهف وحداثة منفلته ومثقلة بسطوة المادة.
البيئة هي مجموعة العوامل الطبيعية والمستحدثة التي يعيش فيها الإنسان وتترك أثرا في نفسه و صحته ومعاشه و إنتاجه، وتستهدف مشروعات تحسين البيئة تطوير المجتمع في مجالات حماية الأفراد والجماعات من أضرار وأخطارها الخاصة والعامة وتطويرها يوفر السلامة والأمن والراحة ويساعد على نمو شخصية الأفراد وتحسين صحتهم وزيادة إمكانياتهم الإنتاجية، وذلك من خلال إستخدام العلوم ووسائل الهندسة والتقانة التي تهيئ مقومات البيئة الصالحة وتحافظ على مستوياتها من التدهور ([1]).


  ISPRS Workshop "LASER SCANNING 2013"
********** November 11-13, 2013 
********** Antalya, Turkey
********** http://www.cirgeo.unipd.it/laserscanning2013
********** Deadline for full paper submission: 15 June 2013

Laser Scanning 2013 is the 8th event of a series of ISPRS workshops covering various aspects of spaceborne, airborne and mobile laser scanning, and all terrestrial 3D ranging sensors. The workshop would like to bring together experts from different disciplines which are focused on the modeling and application of point cloud data acquired from laser scanners and other active imaging systems, such as range cameras and gaming sensors. All aspects related to sensor calibration and modeling, as well as data processing are involved.   

التأليف وأصالة العمارة العربية والاسلامية ...يفنّد مزاعم تبعية عمارتنا

التأليف وأصالة العمارة العربية والاسلامية ...يفنّد مزاعم تبعية عمارتنا

التأليف وأصالة العمارة العربية والاسلامية ...يفنّد مزاعم   تبعية عمارتنا

لمدينة نيوز - بترا:

فنّد رئيس الجمعية الأردنية للعلوم الدكتور بديع العابد، مزاعم أن العمارة العربية الإسلامية وظواهرها تابعة وقاصرة؛ وان إنتاجها المعرفي كان نقلاً وليس إبداعاً أو ابتكاراً، وانها وليدة الترجمات عن الحضارات اليونانية والفارسية والهندية.

وأكد في بحث مطول بعنوان "التأليف وأصالة العمارة العربية والاسلامية"، قدمه في الندوة التي أقيمت مساء الأربعاء في منتدى الفكر العربي، أن الحضارتين اليونانية والفارسية كانتا وسيطاً بين الحضارات السامية والمصرية القديمة من ناحية، والحضارة العربية الإسلامية من ناحية ثانية، وليستا إبداعاً وابتكاراً كما روج لهما.

Vieux Port Pavilion by Foster + Partners

 Foster + Partners have designed the Vieux Port Pavilion in Marseille, France.

Description from Foster + Partners
The transformation of Marseille's World Heritage-listed harbour was officially inaugurated on Saturday during a ceremony attended by Eugène Caselli, President of Marseille Provence Métropole and Jean-Claude Gaudin, the Mayor of Marseille. The event marked the completion of the new 'club nautique' pavilions and a new sheltered events space on the Quai de la Fraternité at the eastern edge of the port, built to commemorate the city's year as 'European Capital of Culture'.

FEDA Confederation of Employers of Albacete Headquarters / by Cor & Asociados, Jesus Olivares + Miguel Rodenas

© David Frutos
The Confederation of Employers of Albacete (FEDA) is a nonprofit organization representing and supporting the business network in the Region. Due to the evolution of its activities and growth of services, the organization raised the idea of bringing together in a sole building all the instalations that were scattered throughout the city of Albacete. This idea was the seed of this project.

Troia Hotel , Troia - carvalhal - grandola, 7570-789 Troia - Costa Azul (Portugal)

Troia Hotel 

Troia - carvalhal - grandola, 7570-789 Troia - Costa Azul (Portugal)